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Youngsters Board Video games As Horror Motion pictures 🍿


Date: October 6, 2021

47 thoughts on “Youngsters Board Video games As Horror Motion pictures 🍿

  1. I’m sorry… I have ideas😈

    Cooties: As a single dad, Jayden had to work hard to support his daughter! On her 7th birthday, Jay comes home with a cute worm like stuffed animal. The daughter would play with it day and night. Well, that was until you couldn’t hear the adorable sound of a child laughing anymore. Jayden explored the house only to find his child being eaten by her favorite toy. He runs out, trying not to be eaten as well. But wherever he goes, he is followed by these creatures. Or at least, that’s what his hallucinations tell him…

    Hungry hippos:
    “But dad….”
    “No! We’re going!”

    The family of five drove to a “resort” in a small forest. The two kids, (Two dads, grandma, and two children), were forced to go explore the forest. The find themselves in front of a swamp.
    “Ew.. come on Nicholas, let’s get out of here!”

    “Wait, look!”

    The young girl turns around only to be surprised by the grayish animals staring at them.

    “OMG! I need a picture of this for my blog!”

    The girl gets closer for a picture to be taken up close. Nicholas thought it would be quite funny to push is sister into the water. He laughed as his sister fell into the hippopotamus-infested water. But stopped laughing as only some of her blood came back up. The ground underneath the boy started to collapse, almost making him fall in as well. Wherever he ran, the cracks followed him. Making him soon accept his fate of dying as well so the hippos wouldn’t follow him to hurt anyone else…

  2. I know no one cares about Pop the Pig but if it was ever a horror movie it would be about a family of farmers that has a pig one day something happened it was unexplained and it was hungry, hungry more every day they try to kill it but nothing happened no blood or anyting I try to starve it but even when they forgot about it made a shocking discovery all the animals on the farm were dead there was nothing they could do so they try to contain it sadly one of the family members got eaten by the Pig one tried to kill it in the other family members were trying to stop them but the pig ate them too so the family gave up but they didn't want the pig to eat everyone so they tried everything to contain it even tried to get the FBI involved but they at laughed everything saying "there's no such thing as a indestructible Pig" but one trying just to call 911 and didn't speak at all then hung up and one of them had a sleepwalking issue the family of farmers try to just strap them down so they don't accidentally walk out the house and get eaten eventually the police came after hours when they saw the Pig we're shocked and called for backup and FBI team to contain this monster but I'm not just going to do all this but all the characters are Chief Darren Jane Johnson Finn Johnson June Johnson Ariel Johnson 911 operator and Porky the Pig ( they didn't take the pig to the vet because it would take weeks and also it would bite them and for some reason it would be very heavy)

  3. Cooties: A girl has a fear of coming in contact with other people because of her childhood friend telling everyone she had cooties one day she accidentally killed a man out of rage soon this came to hunt her everyday she went through hellish dreams of having cooties until the dreams became a reality now she must find out how to stop the cooties from touching her

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