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Yeat – Poppin (Directed via Cole Bennett)


Lyrical Lemonade Presents
Yeat – Poppin/Taliban

Directed & Edited by Cole Bennett
Song Produced by BenjiCold

DP: Brett Arndt
Steadicam: Thor Wixom
VFX & Color: Scissor Films
Animation: Kyle Parnell
Additional VFX: Cole Bennett
1st AC: Majid Mazin
2nd AC: Luke Romano

Gaffer: Ronnie Gotch
BBE: Dominic Czaczyk

1st AD: Kelo Thompson
2nd AD: Khyber Law
PA: McKay LeDuke
PA: Robert Blair
PA: Charles Roberts
PA: CJ Harden
PA: Hector Paredes
PA: Thomas Pressure
Playback: DJ Kai

Backdrop: Javon Dismuke
Vehicle Coordinator: Sebastian Rodriguez

Executive Producer: Sal Tarantino
Associate Producer: Jake Millan
Producer: Jay Tauzin
Production Manager: Henry Anguiano
Production Coordinator: Sabrina Diaz

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Date: July 18, 2022

34 thoughts on “Yeat – Poppin (Directed via Cole Bennett)

  1. I was arrested for burnouts in my truck cuhhhh and i had a pet takuache cuuhhhhh and got arrested for 5 years heard this song and escaped out of prison they found me but found out i have such a good music taste and left me out forever thank you yeat the best cuhhhhhhh

  2. In 1920 I was enslaved several times for felony murdeur charges and framed for sexually assault and it was pain the hits I took where very sensitive to my body, it was a blessing I got revied in 2000 somehow some mysterious energy was pulling me closer to this certain being named "yeet" when he played he song it turned out I was in a phrase I woke up from my grave and went to listen to yeet I gained my spirtual awareness after listening to i- i- it was amazing

  3. On March 13th I broke up with my ex girlfriend of 4 years who I loved with my whole heart but she was acting bad
    This song came out 3 days later and ever since we fucking hella bitches partying everyday

  4. I was a nerd that got no female attention grew up with no telephone no electronic
    While hopping out the dentist for my braces a 94 year old man played one of Sir Yeat The 1st single then my braces fell off got a turban became the talk of my small town and now I get all the maidens in my center of education thank you Sir Yeat The 1st!

  5. I was hit by a car in 1939. I was a homeless man with no money or clout. Later, I became a toy inventor when I was reincarnated and made the toy Tonka. I lived up until now. Now my money so big I bought a BMW M3 E30 with a twin turbo and a supercharger. Also I bought a Tonka. I now get girls and money. Twizzy since the 30's!!!

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