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What is the Double Move? | The SECRET to Improving Your Disc Golf Form


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The off arm in the disc golf backhand throw is SO IMPORTANT.

It will give extra distance and allow for a smooth release.

David Klasser from Seekr Disc Golf will help you throw backhand now matter if you're a beginner or relearning the throw.

Date: July 5, 2022

25 thoughts on “What is the Double Move? | The SECRET to Improving Your Disc Golf Form

  1. This is absolutely key to throwing over 400 ft. Your drill, slow motion, and explanation is great. You did a great job emphasizing the key points and also dispelling "the pull through". It's ALL about engaging your body and hips, which can be started with the Double move! When you feel it, you will know!

  2. Coming to disc golf recently but with a background in racket sports I have found squash to have some of the most translatable movement. This type of move to load the chest area by almost crisscrossing the arms and then exploding outward using the non-backhand arm to initiate a turn is one way people are able to create a ton of power with their backhands there. A pro that does this super smoothly is Gawad. Going to try this out for sure.

  3. I’ve been trying for over a year to work on the double move and couldn’t get it down. This explanation was simple and worked for me instantly. I couldn’t be happier with how effortlessly I’m throwing distance now. Great job!

  4. I am just started working on this double move and I have already started to pick up distance. At 63 this is very encouraging even though I had to throw in the wind today. Thank you and I have Subscribed.

  5. I started trying to do this from the recommendation of another video and for whatever reason I put more strain in my rotator cuff. Any tips on how to avoid that ? Is it a timing thing or a muscling thing ?

  6. Yeah, no. Great way to get elbow injury. Nobody does that that stupid ass herky jerky movement except Coach T and his teachings are load of bs. Drew Gibson doesn't do it, McBeth doesn't do it. Go watch slow motions and you can see your sequence is way off.

  7. An additional thing to add to this tip is that the back knee is also firing and initiating the hips in the same way and at the same time as the double move. Drew, Paul, and Seekr drive their back knee forward to initiate the proper rotation of the hips to create maximum power.

  8. Watched Drew throw and literally other players stopped to see how far he would smash it. This was at Goat Hill a few weeks ago. I was the spotter on 18, adjacent to teepad one. That dude can throw some plastic.

  9. Can I offer one additional point? The more your offhand rotates internally the faster the action happens. If you look at Paul and Drew, they are releasing the disc with their off hand palm facing directly away from the target line (or in some cases even further internally rotated), where as most people trying to use their off hand well don't do this. Internally rotating your hand/elbow of your off hand helps you close your shoulder much quicker than if you don't.

  10. uh if you have ever started a lawn mower you would know that your shoulders DO move like that, so its not really a load of crap at all, it actually is a very good beginner move to think about because most people HAVE tried starting a lawn mower. It's not really smart to knock something legit that can and does help people, simply because you are trying to push a gimmick like "YOU ARE THE FIRST AND ONLY ONES TO HAVE UNLOCKED THE SACRED SECRET OF EXTRA DISTANCE" It's actually pretty hilarious that you think this one little move outweighs everything else that goes into proper form. drew gibson and paul mcbeth have quite different form even though they are both great, you can't really compare their form.. are you going to claim that everyone that throws bombs uses "THE DOUBLE MOVE?" i seriously doubt any of the top bombers think about this double move, instead they are simply keeping their other arm out of the way…..

    you can do the "double move" all day long but if your timing is off, your hips aren't involved etc. you are still going to have a hard time driving out of your shadow….sorry to be the one to burst your bubble but there is more to it, and its more beneficial for newbies to know that there is not some mysterious "HIDDEN SECRET" that will instantly help them throw 400+ least of all the "double move" LOL! what a joke.

  11. Watching Drew and McBeth again in your video, it appears the disc is already in the back position when they move the left arm forward with the throwing arm lagging behind, but not moving the disc back at the same time as I thought you were trying to teach. Am I mistaken?

  12. This is the hardest thing for me to work on. Every time I do this I feel a TON more power but lose all my control and tend to griplock. I wonder if there is any way to ease into this form to get used to the rotation that it forces? For the record, I am 40+ so I also feel like the added rotation in the hips/shoulders/back tend to wear me down a lot faster as well (probably just need to strengthen everything). I tend to throw 3-4 really good holes focusing on the off-arm pendulum (or 2 fieldwork disc rotations) and then I am knackered and my form breaks down entirely.

  13. This is good and will encourage people to use their off side, hopefully those people know how the left leg and weight shift works as well. I could see this being something that only accelerates shoulder turn which could be misleading for those who aren't properly bracing as is. I guess if the throw is from the ground up as everyone says, can the left arm initiation actually influence the left leg/hip drive?

  14. I just tried this during a round, thinking it was nonsense, and it legitimately made my shots feel more powerful. Took a little bit of effort to recalibrate my aim, but it felt like I was getting an extra 10m of power at least from that one tip. Felt quite natural too, surprisingly.

  15. I was pumped to sign up until I looked your coaches up on PDGA and realIzed you lied about your ratings. They weren’t as high as you said (even though 930 isn’t that high anyway) and I noticed David Klasser has not been performing very well in his tournaments. Feels like false advertising.

  16. Thank you so much for your content!!! I can't wait to go through your program and better my game. I hate it that I didn't start playing the sport when it was first mentioned to me in 1993/94, but after a bad ball golf experience there was no way that I wanted to try it. I'm now in my 50s and can't get enough of it and want to go to the next level. As well as teach proper technique to others. Keep up the awesome work!

  17. I think I may just not have enough mobility to do this. When I try the double move my left arm (lefty backhand) just doesn't have enough reach, like I can't stretch far enough back to get that slingshot effect. I mean I can, but I feels like it comes out so fast out of my hand without really hitting the power pocket or something. Throwing 340-350 on a good day but can't seem to push past it.

  18. I’ve noticed an interesting thing when I engage the off arm, although it doesn’t seem to give me added power, “most likely not all firing as it should”, it does keep my line extremely low! So if I need a low line under under 10 ft, I engage the off arm!

  19. I think the lawnmower analogy is still great as it really emphasizes a long reach back, but I think the saying should be updated to pulling a lawnmower cord with your right arm except it's your left arm and shoulder that moves your right arm and shoulder. Move the left shoulder back to reach with the right and drive the left shoulder in to accelerate the right shoulder out.

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