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What Does Extra Advert Spend Accomplish When Your Yoga Studio Advertising and marketing Is a Leaky Bucket?


It’s all sound advice, we hear it all the time, invest in a better-looking website, buy Facebook and Instagram ads, spend money on SEO, is your Google My Business profile optimized, on and on spend more, spend more.

I’m a Digital Agency owner so I have been giving that advice and implementing those strategies for 14 years give or take and I’m good at my craft, how do I know, I know because my 1st client I got 14 years ago is still a client, don’t get me wrong it’s not uninterrupted service, they did try other agencies for a while, but they came back, that should tell you something.

Did you know that 96% of website visitors are not ready to engage at the time of their visit, that means you have a shot with only 4% of people visiting your website?

So, lets talk more about the “Leaky Bucket” theory coined by Andrew Ehrenberg.

Customer retention is one of the key concepts in relationship marketing. Most companies concentrate on recruiting new customers to replace customers who move on, rather than seeking to retain customers. Andrew Ehrenberg coined the phrase ‘leaky bucket’ to describe this syndrome: in effect, firms are putting customers into a leaky bucket, and instead of preventing them from leaking away through the bottom of the bucket, the firm keeps topping up the bucket with new customers (Ehrenberg, 1988).
How does this “Leaky Bucket” pertain to the average small business marketing campaign?

In my experience and from what I see online as I conduct my research to improve my clients’ campaigns, I see the bulk of small business websites without clear Call to Actions, no form to collect information from prospects, no incentive for visitors to engage on the spot, websites without Facebook pixels (critical if you want to advertise to your target market and reach the other 96%).

You need to get clear about why you have a website, is it a branding brochure or is it a tool that should attract targeted leads into your database so that you can follow up with a nurture campaign to coax them into becoming a student and eventually a raving fan that will refer and review your studio to their circle of trust.

Your website is your property and should be the base around which your marketing revolves, Google My Business, Facebook and Instagram should all funnel traffic back to your website where you have Call to Actions (CTA’s), funnels with forms adding them to your database and inserting them into a nurture sequence designed to make them a student over time.
NO studio or any business can last long-term without a steady flow of new students and old students coming back and the most cost-effective way to ensure marketing success is to plug your “leaks” and to rinse and repeat your marketing strategy.

Let me leave you with this last thought, growing your database is the single most important purpose of all your marketing efforts because in the long run it’s the size of your database, your goodwill that will determine your businesses’ value and success.

Your next step should be an audit of your marketing assets, identifying the leaks and plugging those leaks, so that your database and your business can grow, and you can enjoy the stability and reward of an effective marketing strategy.

And obviously I will not be doing my job if I did not encourage you to engage with my CTA for you book a call on my calendar so that I can help you plug those leaks in your bucket and thrive.

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Date: August 5, 2022

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