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We Are Back! Special Guests @Craigslist Hunter & @Zaheer Malik!


We would like to thank Pete and Zaheer for stopping by and making our night. Pete discussed with us and the chat the Reseller Rally and YouTube for over 2 hours. After Pete leaves our good friend Zaheer as always blessed us with his infinite wisdom of reselling and YouTube. Two amazing guests in one night. We hope everyone enjoys 🙏🏼

Date: July 2, 2022

12 thoughts on “We Are Back! Special Guests @Craigslist Hunter & @Zaheer Malik!

  1. Tik Tok IS 100% 'The dumbest idea works best.' … anything I put 40 seconds of effort into, fails. anything that is completely idiotic (Deez Nuts Joke) BOOM ! .. HUGE HIT.

  2. Live Auction MIGHT have a chance of getting views after the fact if someone could be doing an auction, then stop for 'Story Time' and then go back to the Auction. It's a concept I have not seen, and the concept would need some work, but it's an idea.. >>>> REAL TOPIC: YOUR Vids have a lot of potential for be watched later depending on what you use as your Title. … I'm on a binge at the moment trying to find a specific piece of information that I am 99% sure you 2 mentioned once in a video. Unfortunately your titles don't give me a hint about where it is, BUT … there is some GOLD in what gets covered casually as you 2 chat with each other and the guests. Not sure how I'd suggest titling them, but a reseller that is able to read between the lines is able to glean a LOT of info from you 2.

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