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Top 5 Reasons Beginners Miss Putts | Disc Golf Tips and Tutorials


When I try and think back to some amazing drives I've had over my disc golf career…that journey is quite difficult. Possibly because I don't throw mind-blowing tee shots, but even when I do they don't feel that memorable. I can however tell you every missed putt I've had inside of 10 feet over the last ten years during a round….those stick with you forever. It's amazing how after the round we rarely say if I had just thrown this drive or this shot better I'd have been “X” amount under par. It always comes down to putting.

This is one of the biggest areas players don't give themselves grace, and it's also one of the hardest aspects of the game. I'm not discrediting what it takes to gain elite distance or master upshots, but becoming and STAYING a competent to great putter is work. Today I want to take a quick moment to share some insights I've gathered from fellow putting fanatics with what we believe are the top five reasons beginners especially miss putts. It's going to get personal, and we're not holding back any punches. Are you curious about what we've discovered? You'll have to watch to find out!!

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Date: July 4, 2022

47 thoughts on “Top 5 Reasons Beginners Miss Putts | Disc Golf Tips and Tutorials

  1. So far, I think the best advice I've received when it comes to putting is parallel to the best advice I've received about disc golf in general: work from the basket out. Practicing 40 foot putts will not make you better at 20 foot putts. Start at a short distance, even if it is only 7 feet. Practice, dial that distance to where you are confident, smooth, and making 95%. Move a little further away, repeat. I have been amazed at how fast that distance has increased.

  2. Have you ever tried the scoober putt. I believe Brodie Smith has kind of mastered it but it seems like it could be a very useful tool in anyone's arsenal and I'm curious what your thoughts are on that?

  3. When my father taught me how to shoot a rifle he said to breathe out slowly as I pulled the trigger. I do the same with disc golf putts.

  4. I started playing disc golf 7 years ago and immediately got hooked. Not only playing, but Allso studying teqnicue and becoming a youth trainer for our local club. I've seen alot of tutorial videos on YouTube, but Robbie's are just the best stuff out there! Funn, light and easy to watch, and still getting important points across. I learned so much during this video, finding new ways to look at putting. Can't wait to check out all his other videos! Thank you Robbie!

  5. Robbie. You and I have gone on the exact same putting journey with Mike. He had to work with me on the same EXACT things. Last year was filled with hour long putting practice daily the whole summer. I went from whatever you called my putt to a push putt and now a spin putt but I can vary it because of mechanics and understanding supination that Mike's taught. To do all of this digitally you should be proud man I would not have been able to improve like you if I didn't have the tactile feedback. Love coming back and binging on these videos to see how much mechanics just make sense for everyone when you get down to the science of if!

  6. Love it Robbie, I thank the biggest thing for me is just taking the time everyday and putt. It's so true, your not going to get better all the sudden one day unless you put the reps in

  7. My putting doesn't even miss low, it just missed wide right. I also realize I through my putts on a hyzer when I am trying to let the disc flatten out. It's even worse when I am in like beyond 30ft I don't even make it to the basket, and I still can't figure out my problem.

  8. I am always finding myself with discs or a "beverage" while goofing around. So much so that I have to a a disc or "beverage" in my other hand during rounds.

  9. Beginner here, played my 1st round last week, I did OK overall (+27) but I did miss a 9 foot putt on hole 6. Also, thanks for doing beginner specific content, most everyone else just does content for advanced & experienced players.

  10. Thanks for sharing this! I've started a putting practice routine where I drop minis at 10, 15, and 20 feet from the basket. Then I throw from each distance until I hit 5 putts right handed, then 5 putts left handed. I've found that being able to putt with either hand can be a game changer, especially from a less than ideal lie or with the wind coming at you from a funky direction.

  11. I really liked all of the advice in this video. You talked about routine and I wanted to mention something I've heard from other people about routine, and that is to use your breath in the routine. It's such a good way to settle yourself and get into the moment, it's not complicated, and it's something you do literally all the time so it's easy to remember to do it.

  12. Robbie, what shoes were you wearing? Looks like it had good ankle support. I’m coming off a broken ankle and foot, so ankle support is key for me. Any recommendations YouTube fam?

  13. You didn't even have to work on your own putt? Mike Strauss did it for you? LoL… Tell him I need him to work on mine for me too while I take a nap. Haha… but seriously, thanks for the content. Helps out a lot.

  14. Ha ha, I feel attacked, jk
    I find that category 5 happens when I start missing easy putts….
    Def going to get back to the real life practice, so many people carry the extra disc while they're putting, cuz "that's how they practice" … but, not sure why, I think it looks ridiculous, lol
    Anyway, thanks for making me realize I've been slacking on my putting practice… as always your videos make perfect sense and aren't too man-splained!!
    Good luck in your next event!

  15. Man, I needed this one today. Cost myself easily 3-5 strokes today on stupid misses. Focus, confidence and practice are my biggest things. I don’t make excuses at all – I know I suck. Got a big event coming up next weekend – 4 courses, 4 rounds, 2 days. The physical demands are gonna be tough enough for me and if my putting is like it was today, it’s gonna be a LONNNNNG weekend. I don’t expect miracles in a week, but this video has given me some good motivation to get to work. Thanks, Robbie!!

  16. I cant tell you how frustrating it is to be a power player and hit a homerun drive 20 ft from the pin just to par or bogey over and over bc i blow goats at putting im gonna try harder i guess , .. so frustrating , much love from your Oklahomies thanks for the video

  17. Don't start thinking for 1 second that body type can limit distance. I broke my collar bone 15yrs ago long before I'd heard of disc golf, it was bad I had plates and pins and got them removed after 8yrs, 1yr after I found disc golf. And I can throw pretty good. You're body will find a comfortable position once you start getting the technique which I'm still working on of course but any hindering you think your body could do, it'll find a way.

  18. I love this video!!! Very helpful!!! I’m definitely in the situation where I try to practice putt every day but I feel even worse every time I practice. I start out feeling confident and then after 30 minutes I’m like an infant child and have no idea where my putts are going, and then I go inside frustrated.

  19. Love your content. Awesome learning my favorite sport from a fellow bama man. Going to George Ward to play a round today. I’ll keep this video in mind when I putt!

  20. The two biggest tips from this video that were Aha! moments are 1) Aim for a link BEHIND the basket (genius!) and 2) move your off fingers down the disc a bit to get more pop. These are both game changers. Thank you!

  21. The Marksman basket is awesome for teaching focus on the center pole. I have a top end full size basket and a Marksman. The Marksman is great for practicing focus on the disc hitting the pole. If you miss the pole, it is rare to drain it.

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