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These are the 100 most viewed k-pop music videos of all time as of April 7, 2022. By the time you see this, the views have changed and become outdated.

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⭐️ Rules:
• Only k-pop music videos
• Views are not combined, If a video is uploaded on more than 1 official channel.

⭐️ Intro music:
♫Track: Diviners X Riell – Slow
Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds.
1390 ,

Date: July 9, 2022

50 thoughts on “[TOP 100] MOST VIEWED K-POP MUSIC VIDEOS OF ALL TIME • April 2022

  1. I'm afraid Gangnam Style will casually sit on #1 for many generations to come, it's still gaining million views everyday. Unless another viral VIRAL song come out.

  2. In this list 60% songs are well remake of KSHMR sound track. Their fancy stuffs coming from 2015 i think, before that boys looks like thailand and girls looks like japanese styles. And everytime i see it looks like i am seeing any anime. Though kpop is mix of japanese and american mix. their beats are american and visuals are japanese anime. Though it's not that bad.

  3. Blackpink is the revolution🖤💖. They have been at the top since debut getting billions of views💯💯. Even though other groups make a lot of 🤩🤩songs a year BP only make a few but still are on top🔥🔥. Blackpink are the queens. 👑👑

  4. BTS new comeback will break their old records and other records as well. BTS is the only artists to have 100+ views in 2 MVs. Now 100+ views is small for BTS, they will achieve more and more. ARMYs with BTS always! 🙂

  5. 한달간 3000만이 넘는 조회수
    .Dynamite (bts)
    .Gangnam style (psy)
    한달간 2000만이 넘는 조회수
    .Ddu du Ddu du (blackpink)
    .butter (bts)
    .kill this love (blackpink)
    .boy with luv (bts)
    .Mic drop (bts)

  6. I'm sure Hybe new gg will shine, they're getting good promotions. They're gonna break the records I'm excited for them tho I'm not interested in gg!

  7. HYBE is Truly Amazing Company
    He Cares about his idols, He is Best at managing groups nd even he gives idols comfortable clothes
    He treats his idol's very well

    I Think Only His Line Distribution might be unfair, Rest all is good

  8. My opinion on Blackpink. I was going to stan them but some reasons made me stan only BTS. I don't really hate blackpink, I feel like most of their songs sound very similar to each other, especially D4, Ktl, HYLT and Boombayah. I'd understand it if they really had like 50+ songs, but only 14 or 15MVs and almost 25+ songs in their whole career with 1 full Album 💀!
    This is obviously YG’s fault and I'm not blaming the girls for it, but it's the main reason I haven't got into them or maybe the girls are more interested to solo activities who knows?
    About BTS, they've always been experimenting with new sounds. Compare IDOL, Blood Sweat and Tears, and No More Dream for example, they're all very different from each other.
    . I don't want to be that annoying nerd who only likes deep songs nor am I saying all BTS’ songs are deep. I just prefer lyrics with some meaning, I prefer songs that make me feel something – and BTS’ lyrics just do it.
    Feel free to disagree with my opinions, I’ll completely understand. 🙂

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