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[TOP 10] Maximum Seen ATEEZ Song Movies | August 2020


These are the most viewed ATEEZ music videos on YouTube.

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♡ Rules ♡
A dance version is only included when it has more views than the original MV.
When a MV is uploaded on more than one official channel, the views are combined (example. 1theK).
Japanese, English or Chinese MVs are not included in k-pop lists. Only in separate group videos.
K-Drama OSTs are mostly not included.

♡ Music ♡
Intro music: V, Jin (BTS) – It's Definitely You (Hwarang OST)
2nd Intro music: ATEEZ – Utopia
Leaving the chart music: ATEEZ – Utopia
Outro music: Agust D ft. Kim Jong Wan – Dear My Friend

♡ Credits ♡
Amazing artwork in the endscreen by Renee.
Instagram: @thisizreneesworld

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Date: August 12, 2020

36 thoughts on “[TOP 10] Maximum Seen ATEEZ Song Movies | August 2020

  1. 01. Wonderland
    02. Answer
    03. Say My Name
    04. Inception [NEW]
    05. Wave
    06. HALA HALA (Hearts Awakened, Live Alive)
    07. Pirate King (Performance Video)
    08. Illusion
    09. Treasure
    10. Promise

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