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To find Out How Many Lives You Have Lived Based totally On Your Birthday


Your birthday can tell you how many lives you've lived.


Unfinished Business
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Date: August 16, 2016

27 thoughts on “To find Out How Many Lives You Have Lived Based totally On Your Birthday

  1. Where does it tell you the number of lives lived❓ The number I received was my LIFE’S PATH #, not how many lived 🙄

  2. I got alpha (1) which I feel nothing like lol but I do resonate with all the other ones . Also I hear this is a life path number . I can see myself as a leader now a days but not in the way our society looks at what it means to be a leader but I still wouldn’t quiet call myself alpha lol. Especially wasn’t in my younger days . I feel like I was once a Native American and at another time I may have lived during the Salem witch trials as if I might have secretly been into that type of stuff yet if this is number of lives I’ve only had 1?? Then again I guess this is just a life path number lol .

  3. Kinda BS this count ….. cos you see , there are old souls who lived many many lives obv more than 22 , how abt them ? Need to study more i guess 👎

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