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the whole lot is a FUNNEL


It's helpful to think of things in your life as operational funnel challenges.

Date: July 20, 2016

33 thoughts on “the whole lot is a FUNNEL

  1. Although this all might sound like magic, a totally awesome life hack, it's nothing more than improving your chances for a hit by increasing your sample size. Plus, this funnel-thinking is really close to the spaghetti problem: Throw a bunch of whatever at the wall, and see what sticks. The thing that sticks might be the best solution, it might be the worst. You might also call it the shotgun principle, you'll eventually hit something as long as you point the thing roughly into the right decision. So if you don't care about the outcome, go ahead an solve it with quantity.
    However, if you do care about quality, you will be more sustainably successful if you handle this like a sniper instead: Take your time, take proper aim, and take your shot in a clean and precisely calculated manner.
    If you account for survivorship bias, you'll quickly find that your funnel principle doesn't really work; it relies purely on quantity, and the outcome can't be calculated beforehand.

  2. That sums up my youtube channel; I'm trying to create a winning video and might get there at the 500th creation.
    The funnel gets bigger and more entertaining with each effort.
    I think I've cracked a winner for tomorrow's effort at least in terms of entertainment, if not the viewing response.

  3. Every video of yours I watch, I get a little happier that I found your channel.

    I think the funnel analogy is really good for basic thinking, but like Robert Jones comment from a year ago, I think it's more like a "strainer" or a funnel shaped colander, since you're losing or filtering out people/ideas/whatever at each stage. But I think it's good to start with the 'funnel' concept.

    Curious to hear how you've grown in this thinking since this video. I'd like to see a "perspective on funnels" video update in 2018.

  4. I would argue that simply doing more or taking more action for a desired result will yield a higher potential for said result to occur. For example shooting a basketball. Shoot it once, maybe you miss. Shoot it a million times in a row, you'll probably get a doctor on the phone.

  5. So instead of making 15 calls yourself, you send google AI (Duplex) and she gets answered by… herself 8 times until she gets a good slot. mind = shallow breathed (not blown), or blown depending on if you knew funnels already.

  6. Jack, do you not know how a funnel works ? If I put in a gallon at the top I should get a gallon out the bottom. For example if you put all the hair off your head in the top of the funnel, never mind

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