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The use of Kartra to Make10K at an In Individual Are living Convention


Awesome way to make money using Kartra at an in-person conference! :💡

I attended a coaching conference here in Spain 🇪🇸 as a stand.

These are the actions I took to attain my objectives.

1. I created a pitch or presentation to sell my offer to a live group. I had purchased a stand in a coaching conference. My Goal 🎯 was – I wanted coaches to purchase my agency’s funnel building package

I planned 5 short presentations throughout the day to discuss how coaches could make money online using funnels.

You don’t need to be a presenter to do this.

2. I Identified my target audience and who I wanted to engage with. I went on social media and found people that have interests involving that conference and were most likely to attend that conference.

3. I posted the topics on a landing page with a cta to sign up because space was limited for each session.

4. I ran ads to this custom audience and spent about $800.

5. I created an automated messenger sequence to engage with people that engaged with the ad. The messenger sequence collected their emails and suggested a time for attendees to speak with me as well as a place for us to meet (aka my stand) for a time

I gave them my phone number to contact me while at the conference (I got 10 people that signed up to see my presentations) I sent reminders to users via messenger and email about meeting up. Messenger was key.

7. When I set up my stand at this coaching conference, I brought along a white board that listed the schedule of marketing mini-talks. Rather than give people business cards and ask them “are you a coach?” I said

🗣️ “hey I’m giving a talk on how to make money with your coaching business at 10am” stop by and check it out.”
I gave them a time to come back to my stand for a short presentation.

8. I delivered my presentations and had a couple of iPads ready to sign up people after each presentation.

END Result –
👉 I had 50 sales and made $10k from my strategy. I spent $1200 total.

💪 Kartra made this all possible!

WHO I AM: I'm Ryan. I help digital businesses, coaches and course creators attract, convert and retain customers by building them high performance Kartra™ funnels. I'm also a top-level Kartra expert.

I've been using Kartra to run my entire business for the past 2 yearsI love sharing helpful tips to fellow Kartra Users!


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Date: June 9, 2022

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