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The Deathwish Video


Date: July 13, 2022

38 thoughts on “The Deathwish Video

  1. I see many messages on how great Dickson , Greco and Moose's parts were the standouts. And no doubt/100% they were but damn if Slash didn't put it down as well. This video is so Fukin good and so many gnarly tricks packed in each part. Love the Andy Roy cameo….And watch Slash feet on the last truck of his part -Insane….

  2. Man, back when I first saw this the intro was so unexpected. The last thing I was expecting was an electronic song from Deathwish. It works so well tho. I love the cocaine cowboys, documentary, style

  3. In skateboarding there are generational videos. For my gen it was Welcome to Hell or the Rodney vs Daewon trilogy. This isn't my gen, but, it has thar kind of feel to it. Generational. . .

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