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So HOT even the chains got SWEATY!! | 2022 IDLEWILD B9 | Mic'd Up Practice Round | Jomez Disc Golf


Tournament: 2022 LWS Open at Idlewild
Course: Idlewild DGC | Burlington, KY
Host: Jeremy “Big Jerm” Koling, Paul “Uli” Ulibarri
Guest: Garrett Gurthie

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Date: July 9, 2022

45 thoughts on “So HOT even the chains got SWEATY!! | 2022 IDLEWILD B9 | Mic'd Up Practice Round | Jomez Disc Golf

  1. Uli seems to see the business side of disc golf better than anybody. It's business model than most resembles NASCAR. To be competitive you need a sponsor. Just prize money isn't enough to support many on tour. The best thing disc golf has going for it, is it seems to attract good people for the most part.

  2. I gotta disagree with you guys on not moving objects in the run up.

    The whole point of that rule change is to bring footing and stances back into play more often. If you don’t have a safe run up, you throw from a standstill – which is why the rule still allows for moving debris underneath the supporting point.

  3. GG is my favorite disc golfer in the game. He is my height, enjoys good meat, and generates RPMs that no one has figured out yet. Dude is unique and special. Please get him on more Homes. Especially on courses he can show off his insane drives.

  4. Thank you for that moment, Jerm. Friends, never be afraid to reach out to your friends for emotional and mental support. People love you, you matter. You are "enough".

  5. I'm really jealous of girlfriends of these guys, like Jules. You get to follow the card all nonchalant and have real conversations with these heroes. And you can crack a joke or two to liven the mood.

    And after the round…. A shower and a nap. Perfect life

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