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Re-instatement of mask wearing? & Arresting 'Mr. Underpants' | GMT


Thai health authorities recommend the re-instatement of mask wearing. Thai police arrest ‘Mr. Underpants:’ The serial thief in the white briefs. Thai netizens go into meltdown over farmers using bathroom cleaner as fertilizer. Smoking and selling green in public is illegal, warns Bangkok's deputy governor. Latest vaccine guidelines. Suitcases are packed as Thais get ready for domestic travel. All this and more on todays Good Morning Thailand.

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0.00 intro
01:36 Latest vaccine guidelines
07:40 Re-instatement of mask wearing?
16:28 Poll (Khao San road a green hub?)
19:00 Smoking and sell the green
25:35 Farmer use bathroom cleaner
33:00 Domestic Travel
36:36 Mr. Underpants
40:22 Live & Comments

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Date: July 9, 2022

43 thoughts on “Re-instatement of mask wearing? & Arresting 'Mr. Underpants' | GMT

  1. could you do a follow up on the origin of chemicals within farmer's crops and fish industry? i smell foul play from outside sources. jus as the highly toxic Norwegian salmons being sold throughout Thai markets. if you're losing your sense of taste and smell, might be the pesticides w/in foods

  2. Is Jay gonna help in the hospitals wen the virus is geting out of hands or is he just a talker trying to convins Natti in his stupidity. Wy dont Jay just let do the talking to Natti?

  3. Oh dear…here we go again.

    Let's deal with masks first. Those cheap masks DO NOT prevent you from catching COVID in its many variants and mutations. Let's analyse it briefly. It's an ill-fitting (lots of air gaps round the edges), mask-shaped, porous piece of paper, costing around 40THB. Does anyone really think this will stop microscopic virus particles from reaching into the body? It's laughable how some are clinging to this concept. People…that virus goes STRAIGHT THROUGH that cheap piece of paper!

    Now…vaccination. That IS the way forward and it has been proved in Thailand. Once the vacc program got going, we saw the case numbers falling. The 2nd shot furthered this. But wait… we were promised a 3rd booster shot, right? Some have had it, and a lot have not. and a lot of those who have not are the school kids, largely because they got Pfizer / Pfizer as their first 2 shots and then had to wait 6 months for shot no.3 We should be looking for that 3rd shot rollout for ALL Thai residents.

    ''Increasing'' case numbers. This is NOT increasing simply because we stopped wearing those useless masks. They are increasing because of virus mutations. This is always the case with a virus. They all mutate to a lesser or greater degree. Along with every country in the World, we need to be on top of those mutations and provide updated vaccines to counter them. It's as simple as that. (if you are not sure, check out Influenza, another viral infection, been going on for DECADES, mutates yearly, and new vaccines are issued to the vulnerable every 12 months. It kills about 500,000 every year, worldwide)

    We are not going to 'beat' or eliminate COVID…get that straight. We will still be talking about COVID in 10 years' time, but probably not with the breathless excitement witnessed in 2022. That Doctor is on his '15 minutes of fame' ego trip, I think and really should know better. The slight rise in cases is nothing to do with masks but masks are visible and make people feel safe and he can 'look good' by focussing on that. As he well knows though, the reality is a robust vaccination program both for now and the future, plus proper controls for incoming people so that infected cases are not brought into the country, and this seems to be working well.

    The masks will not stop you from catching COVID, but the vaccine program will massively increase your chances of not dying from it.

    Oh…for those insisting on a 'mask' for 'protection' forget the 40 baht piece of paper and go in at the entry-level – the N95 respirator. Cost 1000 – 2000THB and on up to the cartridge respirators at several thousand. 1000 THB? Less comfortable to wear? lost interest, now? but… that's the mask that actually protects you!. hmmm…. 40thb bits of paper for show only! Stop fooling yourself!

  4. The 14 days is the recognized time around the world for the vaccination to actually give protection after vaccination of Covid vaccine.

  5. Not sure if it’s been mentioned yet or not but, Jay – you’re not understanding what your saying. The traveler was denied “boarding” – to the plane. NOT denied entry to the country.
    Second. It is NOT a self administered test. Remember “professional” test? Yes, done by the medical staff upon arrival.
    You started by reading what’s required. It makes Total sense. Not sure why it confuses you 🤷‍♂️Ok, I’m ready for your next story. Let’s Go 🤭

  6. **How's this for some vaccine guild lines: The only people who have tested positive for C19 flu in the last year are the ones who have gotten the vaccine and all these USELESS boosters!**

  7. This has to be one of my favorite shows on YouTube or here in the States. The working chemistry between Natty and Jay is awesome! Most of all, in the milieu of serious journalism, it's refreshing to see the nonprofessional playfulness between them…right down to Nattys banana phone!!!

  8. Only the stupidest of tourist would refuse a chance to come to Thailand … with all the freaking benefits and beauty the country has to offer, … because they don’t want to wear a deterrent that may … or may not … protect them from a virus … THAT MUTATES! Grow the F … up.

    The only downside right now to Thailand is the country opening up to herb … stank weed … that affects anyone with its intrusive smell. When I drink liquor the people in the next booth or table are not affected. But when anyone smokes “Stank Weed” … everyone else has to smell the effects … not fair. Smoke it at home … smell up your own clothes … not mine.

  9. Viruses mutate … follow the science … get over wearing a “deterrent” … we are so silly. So what people are confused. Explain it and tell them to adjust. While there are traffic fatalities … we still wear seat belts. Oooo …. Ut they’re too tight … can’t breath. Better than going through the windshield. I will be wearing it as long as the Science dictates. We are such penchant children … refusing to eat of vegetables … before dessert.

  10. I hope everyone respects it because I take gummies for pain and to help me sleep. I am not a recreational user but want the option to be able to take it medically. I do not like to smoke it however.

  11. What’s up with the “huh,huh” when talking about cannabis? If it is legal then it is legal, exactly like alcohol, which kills more than opioids do each and every month. Cannabis has never caused an overdose or a failed liver. Lighten up! It is a good thing to have legalized herb.

  12. Let's hope the CCSA uses common sense and ignores this fear mongering quack. 99% of Thais still wear their masks anyway, particularly indoors. Does this Siriraj doctor believe Thais should be wearing their masks PERMANENTLY?

    Totally agree with you guys on your position.

  13. If the mask was re-introduced I believe it will completely cripple the country no matter what. Whoever is "now" intending to come to Thailand will cancel and go elsewhere (like myself) as they will lose all confidence in Thai officials. This will put the country behind a decade!

  14. The current problem regarding green right now is the lack of clear legislation. Green dispensaries should require a proper license to sell. Buyers should be required to show ID for proof of age (like alcohol). Selling the green in public places should be illegal to help prevent the sale to minors. Smoking in public places should be illegal. Places that sell the green should also allocate proper spaces for their customers to smoke the green on their private properties, so as to prevent second hand smoke from being a "nuisance" to others. Most bars or clubs in the U.S. have banned smoking indoors and provide enclosed outdoor areas for smokers to prevent second hand smoke. As for the hub idea, I was somewhat for it before. However, the thought of specific areas being designated as a "green hub" seems like a bad idea for tourism. I feel that it gives the wrong impression of those areas and can change the perception of those areas in a negative way. I think only allowing the green to be smoked on private property is the proper way to go. Not everyone smokes the green; non-smokers and minors shouldn't have to be worried about exposure in public areas.

  15. Why are all people in Bangkok still wearing masks. Just came from Phuket and you see very little people wearing masks. I hate the masks. But I do put it on when crowded. But why wearing it outside when you can have social distancing etc. But Thai peole keep them 24/7 on it seems. Why??

  16. In europe if you had 2 vaccine, after 9 months they are not more valid in Europe. I don't want have a 3 vaccine. My covid certificate says no valid in Europe. What Thailand SAYS???? Because I now Thailand government like westeren laws.

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