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Rating most-subscribed YouTubers…I really enjoy making these, so comment if you'd like to see more!
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Date: February 10, 2022


  1. My ratings:
    T-Series: 2/10 Bad
    Cocomelon: 1/10 Awful
    SET India: 1/10 Awful
    PewDiePie: 7/10 Good
    MrBeast: 10/10 Spectacular
    Kids Diana Show: 2/10 Bad
    Like Nastya: 3/10 Bad
    WWE: 6/10 OK
    Zee Music Company: 2/10 (nobody actually cares about them) Bad
    Vlad and Niki: 3/10 Bad
    Average: 3.5/10 (Bad)


  2. This is a great idea and I’ve considered doing this myself. Also I would be curiously to see you maybe do a list like this but for the channels in the top 20 at the beginning of every year. What would your ranking list look like for the top 10 of 2012?

  3. (Warning, This comment is Long, Badly Written, and very Exaggerative.)

    1. T-Series: 3-5/10
    Pros: Creates good content for Indians &
    Came out Victorious in a Massive Subscriber War against PewDiePie Himself. Has History story of Storming the Ranks Leading up the the Confrontation with PewDiePie.

    Cons: Spams 4 Videos a day (Like you said.) To get views. Evidence of Viewbotting from Illegal Websites at some Point. Staff that pretended not to care about the Sub-War but CLEARLY Did.

    2. Cocomelon (Checkgate) 0-1/10
    Pros: No.

    Cons: Yes. Overstimulating, terrible content. (Like you said) Gets nearly a Billion views per Video because Parents have Realized that thier Babies LITERALLY CANNOT Stop Watching.
    Beat PewDiePie in a "Sub War" i call the "Cold Subscriber War." For two Reasons 1. is Because there wasn't any actual action once they Crossed. (Or at least not enough to have any noticeable effect on the Abbreviated counts.) And so the focus of the "War" was mostly just Memeing & the Rapid Approach of Cocomelon. And 2. The actual reason that i Belive there wasn't any "Action" was because Felix himself didn't actually
    Care about the Threat of Cocomelon. Neither did other Creators
    Because other than the Parents of the Infants that watch there content, Nobody Cares About Cocomelon
    Somehow got on Netflix…..
    Why? IDK. The War created some
    Alright memes though. So MAYBE
    1/10. Is a Kids Channel, A Corporation, AND produces cheap, overviewed content? Wow….. Talk about a Triple Threat.

    3. Set India: 2-3/10
    Pros: uh….. Some decent Content,
    I geuss……?

    Cons: Cheap version of T-Series, yet Somehow with even more Content
    Spam, Like 10-20 Videos/Day. Jesus.
    Nobody cares about Half of the Things
    They make Videos about. Corporation.
    Enough Said. Won an Incredibly Uneventful "Sub War" that Hardly
    could Even Qualify as Such. Not even
    Any Memeing. Possibly small effect but
    None noticeable as it Happened in the Middle of PewDiePie's Greatest stagnation In his Entire History.
    Could also be Described as that
    One event that was Semi-Popular
    For a Week and then everybody quickly
    Forgot after it Happened because nobody Cared enough. Wasn't even any
    Kind of Build up because it Happened
    Just 3 Months after he got Passed by

    4. PewDiePie 6-8/10
    Pros: Never gives up despite Low Views.
    (Like you Said.) Each video feels like Having a calm chat with an old friend.
    I would argue that His Epic Legacy alone
    Should give him AT LEAST One extra Point. Like being the First to every Milestone in the Ten Millions after 10 Million. And at one point during his Reign achieved a Gap that was Larger than the Entire Sub count of Smosh. Melow, Friendly Community. (Admittedly unlike the past.) Chooses To distance Himself from the Spotlight. (This is Both Good and Bad.) It shows he is not
    Self-Centered or Caring for Popularity.
    Put up an Intense Months-Long War with
    Large Corporation with Most of the World by His Side. Willingly ended it without a Second thought once it went to far.

    Cons: Lowest Views since April 2012.
    Doesn't care to put as much Effort into
    Content anymore. Seems Apathetic Towards Channel Legacy. (Good and Bad.)

    5. MrBeast: 8-10/10
    Pros: Yes. I could go on
    For a hot while but it's Already
    Obvious why he is a Good Creator.
    Oh look! A Creator! With Stable Views!!??
    His Massive-Scale Philanthropy.
    Enough Said. Actively engages
    With his Community. Did i Mention
    His community? Fought a Grueling Over-Year Long Sub-War with two Massively popular K-Pop Channels and
    Eventually Defeated both. Spent the past 2.5 Years defeating Corporation after Corporation, Kids channel after Kids channel, Celebrity artist after Celebrity artist, and has made it though an Epic Journey and is now is about to become a Threat to PewDiePie

    Cons: ………………….. Did you hear something??

    6. Kids Diana Show: 2-3/10
    Pros: unlike Cocomelon creates decent
    Content. (As you said, anything better than Cocomelon is automatically decent.) Kids Channel. Enough said.

    Cons: Kids channel.
    Couldn't take a Lesson from BTS, Blackpink and Shawn Mendes and Realize that it's near-impossible to
    Beat MrBeast in a Sub-War.

    7. Like Nastya: 3/10
    Pros: Better than Cocomelon.

    Cons: Kinda Cheap.
    Another Kids Channel.
    Got a boost given to them by
    Youtube Most Likely just
    because they appeal to
    Children and Advertisers.

    8. WWE: 5/10
    Pros: Produces good content, if you
    Like wrestling. Doesn't spam as much as
    The others.

    Cons: Again, Another Corporation. the only reason they are even on the list is because of most of their views come from India. (Which isn't Necessarily a bad thing, it just means
    That most of their viewers are Foreign
    To them.) Shady, Questionable Corporate Past.

    9. Zee Music Company: 3-4/10
    Pros: Better quality than SET India.

    Cons: Yet another Indian music domain.
    That also Spams just like all the others.

    10. Vlad and Nikita: 3/10
    Pros: Like you said, if it weren't for
    Them, 5-minute crafts would still be
    In the Top-10.

    Cons: another Russian kids vlog channel.
    Enough Said.

    Phew, that was longer than i anticipated. Tell me what you think!

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