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Raina Huang takes on massive 72oz steak challenge | Bite Size


Could you finish a whole 72oz steak in one sitting? Watch as competitive eater Raina Huang takes on this insane challenge! Raina Huang is a competitive eater from California who travels around the U.S. completing the craziest, biggest, and unbeatable food challenges. From massive burritos to gigantic seafood feasts, she will take on any food challenge, any time! In this episode, she tries to eat a whole 72oz steak from a family-owned restaurant called Dirtwater Springs in Apache Junction, Arizona. Watch to see if she'll finish it in time! For more Raina, check out her YouTube: Or follow her on Instagram: @rainaiscrazy

Date: July 1, 2022

8 thoughts on “Raina Huang takes on massive 72oz steak challenge | Bite Size

  1. Y’all know she’s known to cheat during these contests, right? She spits food into her napkins. Her fellow food challenger Joel Hanson has confirmed this and advised he’s talked to her about it. Cheating to win prizes from restaurants is stealing. You should know about the person you’re posting videos about.

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