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Raina Huang Eats EVERYTHING From 7LB Burritos To 50 Cheeseburgers. #ThePorch


What's good Porch family! This week's episode will either make you hungry or throw up depending who you are. 😂 Food Vlogger Raina Huang is known for taking on some of the toughest food challenges across the country. She's done everything from taking down 7LB burritos in under 10 minutes, eating 50 tacos in one setting, to even deep throating a penis shaped waffle in 1 bite. Raina tells us how she created a great career of traveling and eating food. Oh and by the way, Raina is single so fellas shoot your shot! 👀 Join us on The Porch as we dive into some of the craziest food stories you've ever heard!

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Date: July 1, 2022

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