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Panda Chief Theatre: Ep. 2


Thanks for joining us on yet another installment of Panda Chief Theatre.

If you haven’t already joined us, we invite you to take a dive into the Panda Vid archives, to rediscover some of our most prized videographic treasures from the past.

In Episode 1, we explored the very first Panda Vid ever created. For part 2, we will be studying the most viewed Panda Vid currently in existence. Oddly enough, we never expected this video to get even more than a handful of views, as it’s just a series of 10 photos with some silly narration. But when Youtube made it a featured video, we watched the numbers climb well into the tens of thousands. And it now sits at almost 100K views.

Without further ado, we present to you “Tips n’ Tricks: Nose-Butter 360”, filmed spring of 2011 at Snowbird, UT (which is by the way private property).

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Original “Nose Butter 360” Edit:

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Date: July 9, 2022

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