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Tilley performing at Kelly's Steps after a day of busking.
Best viewed in HD.

This silly little major blues (written for a beautiful soul I met about 100 metres from this spot!) is by far the most cheerful of the songs from the upcoming original album “Songs From A Cold Island”. Keep an eye out for more!

Filmed 23.7.2011 in Salamanca, Hobart, Tasmania by Justin O'Newton with assistance from Hannah Direen O'Newton

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I got a muse, he's got hair like feathers
Lifts me up, up… up above the weather
Keeps me singin' all the time, when we are together

He's got a face like joy, and fingers like music
When the rest of the world, is ever confusing
He brings me back, don't make me do no choosing

Late nights & red wine, we got it going on
My tired soul feels so fine when he sings his song
Round these beautiful people, nothing feels wrong
Nothing's wrong…

I got a muse, with kisses so delightful
He just gives, gives & he's never ever spiteful
If you want some relaxing, he's got a whole nightful

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Date: July 9, 2022

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