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Mintbird Funnels


Library Based: The infrastructure in which this cart was based makes it easy to create funnels in a matter of minutes

Simple To Use: This platform allows you to setup all your products, scripts and even delivery ahead of time

2-Minute Funnel Creation: This is the only cart buider that let's you drop in complete upsells and downsells into your funnels

Beautiful Templates: These cart pages and OTO pages we're built by our team of designers to make sure you get ultimate conversions

60 Integrations: There is over 60 integrations that have been added to MintBird with more to come
Mobile App: We have a mobile app that is very easy, friendly and extremely powerful!

All of your product libraries are found here
Create and edit your cart order forms
Create edit your upsells and downsells in your library
Create and edit your bump offers
Create and edit your coupon codes
Setup your split testing for multiple offers

Very easily view all your Upsells/Downsells in the library

Track all your funnel conversions and easily edit your Upsell/Downsell

Create your Upsells/Downsells very easily

Sell your Upsells/Downsells as stand alone products outside the funnel

Customize your page with one of our OTO templates

Deploy the Upsell/Downsell on your own custom pages with a simple embed script

Date: July 22, 2021

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