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Messenger Chatbot Demo for House Products and services


Digital Marketing Agencies using the AdsThatChat Chatbot Agency Platform have full access to the Chatbots for Home Services template that they can customize and connect to a Facebook Page within minutes!

This demo has lead generation funnels that can be used with the following marketing channels; SMS/MMS, Print & Billboards using in-built QR Code, Facebook Page “Send Message”, Social Media Posts, Website chat (plus links in Buttons), Email, and Facebook & Instagram Ads.

Try the demo;

Funnels included in this demo are;
-Services: Funnel for each service (3)
-Campaigns: For each funnel
-Contact: Facebook, website, phone
-General Inquiry: Collect details
-Bookings: Calendly appointment
-LiveChat: Chat directly

Chatbot Template and Conversation built with the #AdsThatChat Chatbot Agency platform – the original chatbot builder

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Date: August 5, 2022

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