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Make Money Thrifting – Goodwill Haul for Ebay and Poshmark


Sorry, I dropped the ball on keeping tabs on all these. If it says SOLD, I don't recall when exactly it sold (writing this on 11/14)

Diesel jacket:
Ralph Lauren Rugby jacket:
Untuckit linen s/s shirt: SOLD
Salt Valley blue and white flannel:
Lacoste pink striped polo: 2 days / Ebay / $18
John Varvatos shirt, gray: SOLD
John Varvatos shirt, maroon: 2 days / Poshmark / $13
Lululemon tan shorts: SOLD
Lululemon pink shorts:
Lululemon black crop leg yoga pants: SOLD
Lululemon gray yoga pants: thrown away due to unspeakable crotch stain
Pusheen skirt:

Date: July 2, 2022

4 thoughts on “Make Money Thrifting – Goodwill Haul for Ebay and Poshmark

  1. Yes! I really like your idea of listing the names, how many days to sell, the site where it sold, and the price. That will be fun to watch. Very informative video. I really like all of your commentary about each item. Keep them coming! I am learning a lot. Thanks!

  2. Lululemon fanatics website has all the style names of every piece made. I’ve found that you can ask a bit more when you have the style name. Or is part of your ‘quick flip’ model not to spend time on stuff like that? I find myself spending way too much time looking for style names sometimes. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Went to the thrift store a few days ago, found a Faherty plaid shirt (a brand I had passed by before). Picked it up based on your advice and it sold in less than 72 hours for 30. Thanks for the advice man, I hope you keep making videos.

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