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KONTRUST – Dance (Reliable Video) | Napalm Information


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12 December – PARIS, Le Trabendo
13 December – STRASBOURG, La Laiterie
14 December – LYON, Le Ninkasi Kao
16 December – LONDON, The Underworld Camden

Tickets Paris, Strasbourg, Lyon :
Tickets Londres :

Produced by Cameleon Entertainline e.U. & VariousVisions
Director/Editor: Florian Neiss
DOP: Jan Gruber
Camera Asisstent: Johannes Axenböck
Schuhplattler / Choreography: Voigasplattler (
Make-Up: Sabine Nagl-Springer
Production Assistent: Petra Gesperger

Vienna’s blood is cooking and brewing, bringing the muscles to twitch and the nerve pathways to explode. WELCOME HOME, the Kontrust debut was released in 2005 and three records later, this world knows from which European country the hottest Crossover of the present days is coming! EXPLOSITIVE is the fourth album by the Austrians and has everything that this music needs: rapid rhythms, catchy slogans, brutal guitars and angular riffs. Their sound is rolling down over everything without any doubt. No wonder Kontrust sing almost programmatically: “I wish I had a bulldozer, a shining purple bulldozer.”

Date: February 20, 2016

44 thoughts on “KONTRUST – Dance (Reliable Video) | Napalm Information

  1. I need to hear this at least three more times to get it out of my head. Had it as an earworm all week. Try dealing properly with somebody's water damage when you hear this song in your head.

  2. Yes, that's how every day looks in Germany, the first thing I doo after waking up, is dancing,, schuhplattler,, and after taht, I jodel in my cup of coffee…. Every morning….

  3. The Schuhplattler (the "shoe slapping dance") these guys are doing was, culturally, originally utilized as a sort of courting ritual to impress women with all your knee-slapping agility and manliness. So it's actually fitting with the lyrics I guess?

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