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Hei guys , how is things going .Welcome back to another great video.
In this video I will share my experience and review on shopee and lazada affiliate marketing with involve asia, and why I will not encourage people to go on it.
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So , I have spent around 2000 to set this website up on selling purely cat food by using shopee and lazada affiliate marketing through involve asia.

I started this website on october, so around november it is done setting upb.On the month of december I started to see some money coming in , which are good , as I expect the money will only come in after 3-6 months. I earn about 18$ from lazada which is pretty good for a new website.

However , on Jan , I received this message saying that
Offer : Shopee MY
– Reached 80% of offer's cap
– Reached at : 2020-01-04 23:33:56
What does this means? Ok I need to go abit details on how involve asia works.

So , merchant like lazada , shopee , guardian give involve asia a certain budget to run their ads on involve asia.For example a 100k .So , what it happens is that , when all the money used up , if these merchant did not top up , they will be out.

How it impacts the affiliate marketers like us.
Whatever clicks and buy on your affiliate website ,you will not earn a dime .
Yes , until this merchant top up their ads campaign , until then ,any earning from your affiliate link , you will not earn any money .

To confirm this I actually shoot an email to involve asia just to make sure my guessing is right.
This is what it says”

“It is based on the offer description which is stated on the offer page. You will need to check the terms for each offer, the advertisers link will not be working when an offer is paused due to the offer has reached the budget capping for an affiliate program. You will need to stop promoting the offer and once the offer has been paused your commission will not be calculated. Come one I have a whole website to promote purely on this products , how to pause???I have spent few thousands on this website. So all money goes down to the drain .literally I just loss 2k .

Well, this is one of the risk of being a affiliate marketers which if publisher or the merchant pull out we are in trouble.

So , if you want to ask me is there any better way to do this ?
Yes , you can try on Amazon associate programme , as it is run by amazon itself , it is not by a third party ads company like involve asia .It is much more safer and who does not know amazon?

Please help me to share this video on your facebook , or with your friends that want to start lazada or shopee affiliate marketing, and advices them that they might loss money if they go on shopee and lazada affiliate marketing . I do not want them to loss their money just like me .You kind action will be appreciated.

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Date: January 7, 2020

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