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HUGE UNDEFEATED CALZONE CHALLENGE | With Raina Huang! California Man Vs Food


A Massive Calzone made by stoners? What did we get ourselves into… This is a BIG Calzone challenge, not only is it an undefeated food challenge, but it was a delicious piece of dough (basically a rolled up pizza)!


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Outro : Track: Culture Code – Feel Again (feat. Harley Bird) [NCS Release]

Date: July 3, 2022

36 thoughts on “HUGE UNDEFEATED CALZONE CHALLENGE | With Raina Huang! California Man Vs Food

  1. The fact the manager or owner said we try our beat and take pride in our food is a fucking joke. He doesnt realize how bad this looks for his restaurant. He set yall up to fail and yall killed it.

  2. No offense to Stoney’s, I hear they have pretty good pizza but that was a very dry looking calzone with way too many onions which normally I’m a fan of but too much is too much. I’m glad you both got through the challenge because that was the most unappetizing calzone I’ve ever seen.

  3. those guys seem like assholes. im glad you beat that challenge joel. and they bullshitted that desert pizza the way someone teases a baby with ice cream

  4. I love that raina started eating cleaner. I remember her old videos she would go 100% savage on all her challenges. Definitely makes the videos more enjoyable

  5. Honestly so stoked that you two are travelling and hanging out together because Raina was the first person I ever watched do an eating challenge and I fell in love with her right away. Then I found you after watching a bunch of other videos of eaters and you're one of my favourites!!! I'm Canadian too so I loved watching your videos from when you came to BC! Now it feels like I get to hangout with both of you and I love it SO MUCH. ❤️ You two kick ass!!

  6. I love your videos but in all of the videos where you have to talk to other people you seem a little bothered when people talk to you. I dont know if you are or if thats just the way it comes off, but it makes me a little sad for those people 🥺

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