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How you can Set Up a Area Redirect for Associate Advertising or Community Advertising Web page


How Do You set up a domain redirect for a website and why would you need to? Domain Redirects are very common in the affiliate marketing or network marketing industry.


Many retail or service products offer affiliate programs for other people to sell their offerings and network marketing companies basically do the same thing for sometimes thousands of people. They all have the same domain with the unique ID embedded in the link.

They have one marketing website typically, and offer a replicated website that we as marketers can use to sell those services. Recently I was setting up some new affiliate products to market via video and through word of mouth, so I decided to make a video and article on why this is so important to your success.

Why Do You Need a Domain Redirect?

In the video I talk about Bluehost Hosting versus GoDaddy (which really sucks in my humble opinion).

Check out Blue Hosting Hosting here: and there in lies the problem…

Who can remember that long link or want to put it on a business card, commercial or radio spot?

THAT is why you need a domain redirect! I could choose or something easy for people to remember.

I talked about a mobile phone insurance plan in the video as well, and you can see that I chose

The link they gave me is which is an example of what you're faced with with long, confusing domain names. For me personally, I'm excited about marketing their service as I work with cell phone dealers throughout the country, as well as sell phones to end users that can take advantage of their affordable rates on device protection.

They also have a great Affiliate Program that other dealers or marketers can sign up for at

Another example I gave in the video is The Portable USB Charger Product, one of the best cellular accessories on the market. The domain they gave me is That is a mouthful obviously so I chose an

(Redirect Example) (Redirect Example)
easier name that is relevant to my product I'm offering. For the example, visit

Lastly is another great example of a domain direct for a network marketing company such as Solavei Wireless. The link I received from Solavei is which again too confusing for people to type in, and too much to remember in print or on a commercial.

These are all examples of how you can use domain redirects for traditional marketing on business cards, Youtube videos, or many other applications.

How Do You Set up a Domain Redirect or URL Redirect?

Steps to Set Up a Good Domain Redirect:

Do Keyword Research

Search for Good Domain Names

You can search on your hosting site for domain names or if you don't have one I highly recommend BlueHost for hosting (way, way easier to use than GoDaddy). You can also visitbluehost-wordpress-hosting for some brainstorming ideas as well. Keep it simple, short and easy to remember is a good rule of thumb.

Register Your Domain – It will cost $10-15 usually to register a domain. If it's a redirect you don't need to buy hosting as the hosting is provided by the marketing company for their sites.

Assign the Domain – Make sure it is assigned to your account as an active domain.

Redirect the Domain – Now you can do your perform your domain redirect to your affiliate link as seen in the video or your hosting company should have clear links to follow for performing this task. You will basically point your domain URL to the affiliate link and it should happen in just a matter of minutes, if not seconds.
So that's it! Pretty simple to do and will make a HUGE difference in the success of your overall marketing plan.

I hope you found this article helpful. I'm working on an overhaul of my website to reflect more of what I'm doing on a regular basis now. I'm helping people learn to market online and offline in the mobile phone industry primarily, and it's been a wonderful year in this venture. If you'd like more information on branding, video marketing or a wide range of tips in this arena, please subscribe to receive my Journey to a Million Course here on the site.

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Date: December 21, 2013

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