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How one can Make a Complete Website online (with Weblog!) in ClickFunnels


Sign up for ClickFunnels with this link and get a free trial of ClickFunnels and get my website template for free:

For those that already have ClickFunnels, you can purchase the template from the ClickFunnels marketplace here:

In this video I walk you through how I built my ENTIRE website (including the blog) in ClickFunnels.

Typically ClickFunnels is just for landing pages, sales pages, membership sites, order forms, etc. But because the page builder is so good I decided to try to build out my entire website using ClickFunnels. And it worked!

Date: October 6, 2017

45 thoughts on “How one can Make a Complete Website online (with Weblog!) in ClickFunnels

  1. Bought your template. One question : for the blog area, where do you create the entire article that we have on the screen when we click on [View Full Post] ? is it on WordPress or inside CF ?
    Did not find your contact to send you a direct message.
    Thanks for your help

  2. Thank you for sharing. I signed up for a new CF Account using your link, but cant see your template. Can you guide how can I see it? I understand I am supposed to get it for free, as I signed up for a new account. Thanks!

  3. Hey mate, thank you for your template, I bought it and it's awesome BUT I can't find how you take off the image of the piano in the background ? I changed the background color but when the page struggle a lil bit to load, my clients can see your image and it's annoying, thank you !

  4. Hey Jacques why don't you live up to your word? I signed up over 3 days ago with your AFFILIATE link on the free trial so I can test out your free template, and sent you an email and you haven't responded yet. It is only a 14 day trial and I've already lost 3 days of it wanting to load your template…are you going to honor your word?

  5. I see that you are ranking in google for the online course guy in google, did you have to take any additional steps outside of CF to accomplish this ? Back links, ect? I built out a CF home page + Blog , filled in all the SEO slots within CF but this is not helping it to show up in GOOGLE . Even with super specific keywords like the brand name + product it is not showing up . Any insights?

  6. How did you get the homepage to direct to the root URL instead of redirect to an inner page? Every time I try to do this, it automatically takes people to an inner page. In other words, I setup domain.tld in my CF account, and as soon as I try to set the homepage as one of my funnel steps, it automatically redirects people to domain.tld/funnel-step (rather than just taking people to domain.tld). I have yet to find anybody who knows how to do this 🙁

  7. Ryan, you actually have one of the faster ClickFunnels Websites that I've observed. It tested out on the first pass at B (89%) / C(76%) with a 4.2 Sec fully loaded time, then B(89%) and A(90%) on the 2nd Pass on GTmetrix on the iPhone 6 test which is throttled somewhat. That's amazing for ClickFunnels websites which are ordinarily slow. I was going to buy it solely on functionality but now it's a no-brainer. Great job!

  8. Hi Jacques, good video. I am considering using your approach to a website on Clickfunnels — and getting the template. The only thing I hesitate about is that I want to offer a payment plan and thought one could not do that on Clickfunnels… Now
    I notice you offer your customers a payment plan… how can you do that on Clickfunnels?? Please advise. Thanks, Rebel

  9. What do you think of FunnelCockpit? So I mean – I think there are significantly more tools at a better price. All major marketers and entrepreneurs from Germany use this software. I don't understand why this has not yet reached America and the rest of the world. I would like to hear your thoughts on this

  10. Thank you for sharing your hard work, way to be inventive! I am interested in purchasing the template however I noticed when I went to your website it didn't seem to have the navigation bar or drop down tabs functioning. What prompted the change?

  11. Hey thanks for the video. Signed up for click funnels trial under the above affiliate link, paid my first month (after trial) this week. Could you direct me how I now get the template? Thanks in advance. Anthony

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