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How It's Made: Skateboard Wheels


Learn how skateboard wheels are designed and made!

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Date: July 3, 2022

24 thoughts on “How It's Made: Skateboard Wheels

  1. What's the difference between each brand? I bet a lot of them are made the same way. The only difference being the label. I wouldn't be surprised if different brands were made in the same factory with just different decals, haha. And we think a particular brand is so special. (Note that I said "a lot of them" not "all of them" – I know there can be differences in size and material)

  2. I worked at a skateboard wheel manufacturer in the early 80s, computers were not part of the process, we would make adjustments to the polyurethane mix to get the right hardness (durometer rating) pop the wheels out ot the molds with compressed air, and turn the back smooth on a lathe, that was about it, super cheap to make once we had the molds, several hundred made of stainless steel on a big lazy Susan table, I made thousands of wheels a week, those were the days, the company was called Polymer Products, in Irvine/ElToro California

  3. Ceramic wheels? I only ever had metal wheels on my roller skates and skateboard. My roller skates I had were 100% metal that expanded and contracted both front and back and side to side so I could clamp them onto my shoes with a key….

  4. Not all wheels are just polyurethane. Ricta uses a custom blend called NRG. Spitfire has one too but I can't remember the name.

    – Worked at a skate shop for 4 years.

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