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Getting Began: How you can Setup an Upsell Funnel on Shopify


Upsell Wizard – Cross-Sells and Upsells for Shopify

Why Use Upsell Wizard? To Boost Average Order Value!
Upselling is a valuable technique for increasing the profit margin of any retailer. You can use Upsell Wizard to recommend other products for your customer to purchase at several points in the purchase flow – in the cart, post purchase and/or on the product page.

Works Instantly – No Theme Code Changes Required
Get up and running in minutes. No changes to your theme are necessary to use the app. Just install, create your upsell funnels and go! It's that easy!

Create Smart Upsell Funnels
Upsell Wizard lets you create smart funnels to present upsell offers and bundles on the product page, in the cart, and on the thank you page when your customers shop with you. Easily chain funnels together to make the ultimate upsell funnel!

Upsell and Cross Sell Related Accessories
Upgrade to a better product
Buy X, Get Y at discount or free
Upsell product bundles
Upsell and Cross-sell
You can offer customers an upsell offer which will upgrade and replace the product currently in their cart and/or offer cross sell offers and bundles which will add additional items to the customer's cart.

Upsell – Replace item currently in the customer's cart
Cross-sell – Add additional items to customer's cart
Unlimited offers in funnels and bundles
Upsell Trigger Locations
You can trigger upsell funnels when a customer adds a specific product (or collection) to their cart, when the customer loads the cart page with a product already in it, or post-purchase, after the customer has purchased a specific product.

Trigger upsell by product
Trigger upsell by collection
Translate Into Any Language
Translate everything your customers see into the language of your choosing.

Split Testing Is Native
No need to configure complex A/B tests to see which upsell funnel works best, just setup two upsell funnels with the same trigger and they will automatically be split tested.

Built to work with Shopify's native discount system
No hidden products, extra codes created behind the scenes or other mess to muck up your workflow. Upsell Wizard is built to work on top of Shopify's existing automatic discount system.

Have tech skills?
Are you a programmer? Use Upsell Wizard's code editor to control the entire upsell UI down to the pixel! It's built right in and works just like Shopify's liquid syntax!

Date: December 1, 2020

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