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Dustin Lynch – Ridin' Roads (Legit Track Video)


Aimlessly wandering down a lesser known backroad has never looked more appealing thanks to Dustin Lynch’s video for the laidback single “Ridin’ Roads”.

The new album is titled TULLAHOMA for one reason – It’s a tip of the hat to my hometown. Every song on this album is something I’ve lived.

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This town ain't got no night club

We don't need the neon lights

Girl I got that '87 gassed up
30 early out there in your drive
Got you a bullet in a koozie keep it ice cold
You take a sip ‘fore we get gone
Lookin' at you with your hand out the window
I'm turning right while you're turnin' me on

Ridin' roads that don't nobody go down
Little trip thru the country side
These 38's makin' them world go 'round
I hit a curve just to make you slide
The only light is a flashin' yellow
The only thing that I want is your kiss
I'm lovin' nothin' to do with you baby
Just ridin' roads on a night like this

Ridin' roads

Out there where the moon hits the water
Out there where your lips hit mine
I don't know where we are
‘Cause somebody stole the streets signs
I'ma take my sweet time
‘Cause I could go on forever
With you there ridin' shotgun yeah
All our friends are probably makin' plans baby
Yeah but we already got one…we'll be

Just ridin' roads on a night like this

I got one hand on the wheel
And I got the other tryin' to cross the line
Yeah the way you make me feel
I wanna keep it rollin' ‘til the sunrise

Just ridin' roads on a night like this

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Date: May 3, 2019

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