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ClickFunnels: What Is It and What Makes It So Other


Why ClickFunnels? Well there are many marketing tools out there, and when you review them, very few have been designed to do everything you need to do to create success. ClickFunnels allows you to sell a product online faster than anything you've ever seen and it is a simple way of making pages that convert. To find out more go to

It's taken the sales process from shooting a shotgun blast at an entire market to a precise, targeted approach. People ask, is ClickFunnels worth it? And our response is absolutely! You can use ClickFunnels with everything! We've helped gyms scale their businesses, people who are Instagram marketers, organic skin care companies, non-profits, advertising agencies, and so many more. For many of our funnel hackers, it's literally been the difference between their business not being in existence, to a multi six-figure level.

For some, it is having a business that's made a massive impact to over 100,000 customers and generated over $10,000,000 and that never would have happened without ClickFunnels.

The last thing in the world that Click Funnels is, is a software. It is a culture and a way of life. When you step into this environment, it's like getting a team. You know Russell Brunson and the ClickFunnel's team truly want to see you have success and whatever your dreams are, they want to help you get there.

Everybody's just one funnel away from having the life they've always wanted. We started Click Funnels with the goal of helping entrepreneurs like you to actually free themselves, and now we want to help free you. Let us know what type of business you're in and we'll tell you how to set up a funnel that will work best for you and for your company.

Date: August 20, 2018

24 thoughts on “ClickFunnels: What Is It and What Makes It So Other

  1. So what is a Click Funnel? O it's fantastic,amazing,makes money, BUT DON'T KNOW WHAT A CLICK FUNNEL IS???????????????????????????????????????????

  2. I'm in the mortgage and finance industry. Looking at landing pages with a nurture sequence for different industries.

    I so have a property business, can we run multiple businesses from the same account and can you run the sms integration from the basic $97/month subscription?

  3. Ciao Russel,
    sono uno dei più grandi fan di ClickFunnels e sto davvero cercando di coinvolgere quante più persone possibili. Col tempo riuscirò sicuramente a ispirare nuovi professionisti.
    Potrei gentilmente utilizzare questo video/alcuni frame per dimostrare a tutti quanto siate impattanti nella vita delle persone? Grazie in anticipo per la gentile risposta.

  4. Hi Russel,
    I'm one of the biggest ClickFunnels fans and I'm really trying to get as many people involved as possible. Over time, I will certainly be able to inspire new professionals.
    Could I kindly use this video / some frames to show everyone how impactful you are in people's lives? Thanks in advance for your kind reply

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