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CHEESE!!! FIRE NOODLES Eating Challenge x20 PACKS!!! #RainaisCrazy – ASMR Eating Sounds


Yamibuy Products – use code “rainah3” for discount
SAMYANG Stir-Fried Noodle Hot Spicy Chicken Cheese Flavor Ramen 5 Packs 700g

MORANCA Little White Heart Sandwich Toast Bread with Salted Cheese 43g

MORANCA Little White Heart Sandwich Bread with Strawberry Yogurt 4PC 76g

MORANCA Little White Heart Waffle Bread 50g 8pc

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Date: July 3, 2022

22 thoughts on “CHEESE!!! FIRE NOODLES Eating Challenge x20 PACKS!!! #RainaisCrazy – ASMR Eating Sounds

  1. How you make cheesy noodles red Raina — amazing you eat 20 packets i can just about eat 2, people tell me to eat yogurt for the spicy hotness, as it takes the burning away better than bread. try yogurt x

  2. I got myself the cheesey fire noodles just like that, I also went on yamibuy and bought all 3 snacks, they ended up canceling my order after it was confirmed. I didn't get my email til a day late when it say I had to send my ID & ATM INFO.🤯 So it got canceled. Is this correct ? Is that what they do ?
    And what Iced Tea are you eating ? 😁 I was gonna send a picture of everything I had bought and now I'm bummed out 😢😢

  3. American Horror Story is my all time favorite.. I watch it over and over again.. haha.. all are good, but I got to say The Raoken and the last one 1984 .. I won't watch.. but waiting for Evan Peters & Sarah Paulson to come back… they are my two top favorite actors in that show..

  4. Raina since I seen this video, I've been trying to get these cheesy fire noodles and all 3 snacks that you were eating in this video. I went to yami and made an account and tried looking for what is in this video and can't find it or they are sold out… I want to order so bad since and I haven't been able to.. can you help.. I can send money to you if you can help.. 🙏❤ it looks so bomb … I love noodles ramen noodles and noodles.. pho .. ah.. I want … and I've been looking for chop sticks can't find them nowhere.. wait I haven't checked Amazon but idk.. help.. love you Raina … #myfoodbeastraina #littleladyfoodchamp

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