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Busters perfect TikTok movies


Some of Busters best moments on TikTok! So far πŸ™‚


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Hello, we started this channel to share our adventures with our umbrella cockatoo, Buster.He loves to sing, dance, cry, bark and hop around.He is head over heels for Katy Perry. Buster LOVES his Dad.He started calling him Dad on his own around June of 2020.In the evening he likes to tell Dad stories about his day. Buster was in need of a home and we were lucky enough to get him.We believe by some of his fears somewhere along the way someone wasn't always kind to him.Parrots are a lifelong commitment and they can live 80+ years.
Please be kind with your comments, It hurts Busters feelings when people are mean. It is so much easier to be kind.
Please follow along on our adventures and watch Busters craziness and his made up words like Gobbleneck!
Thank you feel free to send happy mail. We will share anything sent in a video! Thank you for following, Buster! Maeby and Blue too.
Buster the Cockatoo
P.O. Box 326
New Ellenton, Sc. 29809

Date: January 15, 2021

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