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Burglar Prank On My Massive Guard Canine! Phil Bit Harley's Nostril!!


Hey! Harley and Ella are come round every weekend so we thought we would stick a balaclava on harley and see what the dogs did! Given she did'nt do a very scary attempt at breaking in and I think they knew straight away who it was!

I think you can hear a bit of uncertainty in their barks though as they are a bit louder than normal with the odd growl! Phil decides to bite Harley's nose once she is inside just to get her back haha. Milo was on the phone to the police already….
Imagine being mauled with love by these two giant clouds.

We'll get Derek to wear the balaclava soon and break in when it's dark to see what they do! We've been trying to get him to do it for years but he genuinely is scared to haha. Phil hates him of you've seen previous videos!

Thanks for watching guys! Love from the fluffs xx

Date: September 29, 2020

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