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Best Items to Flip from Goodwill on Ebay – Buying Cheap to Resell for a Profit | Reselling on Ebay


These are 10+ Items that I like to find to resell from Goodwill. There are a ton ton more as well. Best Items to Flip from Goodwill on Ebay – Buying Cheap to Resell for a Profit | Reselling on Ebay for Beginners

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I support my family by reselling things I can flip from the Goodwill Outlet Bins, garage sales, estate sales, thrift stores, Goodwill online, ThredUp rescue boxes on Ebay and Etsy. I like to do unboxings of jewelry jars, thredup reject boxes, jewelry hauls from places like shopgoodwill, online auctions, ebay, and more! Garage sale, thrift shop, and estate sale hauls of vintage items, jewelry jars, and jewelry are always fun too!

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Date: July 5, 2022

28 thoughts on “Best Items to Flip from Goodwill on Ebay – Buying Cheap to Resell for a Profit | Reselling on Ebay

  1. Glad I found your channel. I'm going to spend a couple of hours binge watching. I have been unemployed since the beginning of Covid. My wife works, but not making enough, so we are currently living in a hotel. I have got to start making some money. Subscribing!

  2. If you sell on Amazon, & scan books, here's a tip: look for technical textbooks or manuals. Even if the technology is outdated, it's worth scanning it, because people need to get manuals that may not have been put online. 🙂 I bought a programming textbook for 50 cents, & sold it for 75 dollars within a few days.

  3. Hi! I love your channel! I’m considering the reselling business, I wanted to ask you about sterling silver lots from goodwill online, have you purchased any yet? Btw: I recognized your earrings from an opening lot of jewelry 😄

  4. Good condition handmade completed framed crewel/embroidery pieces that are retro-cool, or framed cross stitch pieces that aren't 80's looking – especially religious things like prayers.

  5. Some blankets can be really good, vintage satin edged wool or even acrylic blankets go for $50-$100, colorful or unusual homemade afghans can do good, Jacquard blankets, wool Western blankets, etc. Also handmade quilts.

  6. We love your videos – thank you. I will start picking up prescription glasses and animals to sell. I got started in selling with books and Bibles on eBay back in 2016. I've sold many pair of women's Easy Spirit shoes and Brighton purses. Luv you lots…Grandma Bunny in Phoenix.

  7. Love the video. Thank you 😀
    Yes! Animal anything – I do well with elephants. I also pick up restaurant ware. It’s vintage kitschy, useful and sturdy. I stick with small dishes and small pitchers, because sets are heavy – but you can find sets of dishes, too. You can get small creamers/pitchers for a dollar or less and people like them. Homer Laughlin, Syracuse, Sterling, Buffalo and many more brands.

  8. Scarfs. They are cheap at GW and you can often find vintage silk designer brands. A month ago a found a Hermès for 99cents. Sold it for $110 on auction.

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