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Armaan Malik – Nakhrey Nakhrey (Respectable Song Video) toes. Shalini Pandey



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Armaan’s Note:
I’m extremely excited about my new single ‘Nakhrey Nakhrey’. It’s the first drop from my label Always Music and I couldn’t be more proud of it! I’m glad I finally got to dance and bust some cool moves in a video, something I’ve been waiting to do since the beginning of my career. Audio-visually, it’s a side of mine that not many people have heard or seen much of, and I hope to introduce more of these untapped aspects of my artistry to the world.

Music: Abhijeet Srivastava
Lyrics: Shayra Apoorva
Music Producers: Calvin Cavern, Abhijeet Srivastava & Ashish Manchanda.
Electric Guitars: Aman Moroney
Recording Engineers: Amey Londhe (Vocals), Aman Moroney (Guitars).
Mixing/Mastering Engineer: Shadab Rayeen (New Edge)

Director/Choreography: Ruel Dausan Varindani
Produced by: Gaurav Chawla (Storywala Pvt Ltd.), Producer: Hashim Bachooali.
DOP: Matthew Zschoche
Colorist: Hany Halim (Nube Cirrus)
Online & VFX: Ali (Studio Curiosité)
Online Edit: Rishikesh Nalawade

Chief AD/Asst. Choreographer: Rishikesh Nalawade
Asst. Choreographer: Nihar Dongre
1st AC: Devdutt Chimukrao
Production Designer: Juhi Talmaki (Khidki Darwaze Studios)
Art Director: Roshan Modak
Set Dresser: Ankita Jadhav
Asst. Art Director: Kavish Swamy

Armaan Malik Team:
Manager: Ria Chowdhary (Represent Mgmt)
Assistant Manager: Shatrughan Tripathi (Represent Mgmt)
Costume Stylist: Dolla Baruah
Makeup: Sushil
Hair: Prateek (Hakim Aalim)
Legal Consultants: Prashant Gawli, Ashwath Nair (Lex Chambers)

Shalini Pandey Team:
Manager: Hetal
Makeup: Flavia
Hair: Suhas
Stylist: Sheefa Gilani
Boy: Vibas

Line Producer: Vivek Johar
Production Controller: Ankita Gupta
Company Makeup: Deepak Kharade and Team
Dancers Costume: Khushboo Gupta
Dancers Team: Shamshad khan (Wonkru Entertainment Private Limited)
DIT: Ajeet Misra
Steady Cam: Siddhessh Rane (Roll cam),
Assistants: Arun & Pradeep
Lights: Monalisa Lights
Grips: Cine Grips
Table, Tent, Chair: Krishna Equipment (Tej Singh)
Spot & Team: Bablu Yadav

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Date: July 15, 2022

50 thoughts on “Armaan Malik – Nakhrey Nakhrey (Respectable Song Video) toes. Shalini Pandey

  1. Hi armaan
    Eid mobarak
    I am from Plastain
    Tu mera best singer hai
    All your songs is insaid the hart and thats amaizing 🥰🥰
    But this song is defrent and so magical
    My dream to meet you 😊🙂🥰
    I hope to read my coment 😊

  2. This song plays on big fm shimla and some how they've fucked the song up its so unclear and they play this daily while im going to office whenever the bass plays its so unclear

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