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Anthony D'Onofrio Video Tribute – Brooklyn, New York


Today on this cold snowy January morning, I was woken up by a phone call that shattered my heart into pieces. My dear friend, Anthony D'Onofrio has passed away. God put him in my life in the last year not knowing that the memories we made together would be to cherish and embrace forever. I am so thankful I develop such a close bond and friendship with a young man that was taken too soon. The unforgettable memories I made with this beautiful soul will never be forgotten. He was a kind, loving, goofy, and loyal person. He showed me so much integrity in the last holiday season, working so hard and being committed to his word. He was a second-generation horse carriage owner and first-generation Sicilian/Italian American. Today I mourn a tremendous loss in my NYC Horse Carriage Rides Family and in my inner circle of close friends. This has thought me to always be loving and caring to my neighbors as you never know how one can impact your life or theirs. Until we meet again Anthony, Rest In Paradise. Love you, my little brother

Date: January 29, 2022

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