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5. Learn Disc Golf Backhand Form – The Slinging Arm


We've finally arrived at the slinging arm. We need to whip/sling the arm and disc at the target. But how do we preserve the power we generate from our weight and up the kinematic chain and get it into the disc? Let's find out!

IMPORTANT REMINDER: Do not use the images of my own form as gospel because it is a work in progress. We will review problems with my form examples as cases in point at the end of the BH series.

0:00 Jingle
0:12 Overview
1:10 The Sling and the Whip
2:19 Backswing Styles
5:01 Backswing Disc Orientation
5:58 The role of the shoulder
7:43 What makes the power pocket?
9:03 Let's get slinging
11:28 Get a Grip!
12:15 Wrist Mechanics
12:58 Most Common Power Pocket Mistake

Understanding the myotatic reflex + a drill:


Grip location and pressure:

Power Pocket Explained:

Date: July 8, 2022

22 thoughts on “5. Learn Disc Golf Backhand Form – The Slinging Arm

  1. Thank you so much for the extremely complex explanation in very simple terms. I have gained a lot of confidence and yardage not to mention I'm not killing my body anymore

  2. Like you I started playing during Covid since we have a course across from my house. I've been starting the swing with the pocket pre-set but can see now that I'm pre-setting a pull and strong arming the disc. Both of my teenage sons can out throw me by 125 feet on average even with my best throw. The pendulum seems more natural but I would love to get some form reviews along the way as I make these changes. Are you planning on doing reviews anytime soon? I'd sign up tomorrow if you are.
    Love your stuff though and look forward to seeing more!

  3. I'm having a rough time learning to.lead with shoulder. I was always taught to act like your elbowing a door down with the backhand. It's really hard learning to n lead swing with shoulder.

  4. I'll definitely be sharing this series with others. Nice work. One question. Is there a reason the order of videos in the playlist is in the order 3, 2, 5, 1, 4?

  5. Hey love the content ! Just curious if you had any tips on keeping the disc higher up. I tend to “pull thru” below my nips sometimes. Not sure if its because my car accident injury where it dropped my arm slightly lower before. Its hard for me to keep it up unless i just start at my chest height.

  6. Your series on disc golf form is amazing. Great work. Especially this video! I've been stuck with puling the disc for almost two years, getting nowhere. "Wide rail" and trying to walk by/around the disc made the pulling even worse for me. Once I tried your advice in this video, letting gravity do the work, it felt effortless and I gained 70-100 ft. after only a couple of field work sessions — also my shoulder and neck no longer hurts after playing. So excited! Thank you so much.

  7. Awesome videos! Are you doing form reviews yet? I’d love to get your feedback. It seems you have spent a lot of time learning from Seabass22. He’s full of knowledge. Great breakdowns!

  8. The pendulum swing did the trick for me.
    Many thanks! No longer have to think about flexing my core. Arm stays loose. Shoulder lags yet leads. Extension is just right, naturally, no extra pushing away. Useful for orchestrating the timing of everything else, x-step and standstill. Finally, relief from shoulder pain that comes with holding disc high in the pocket prior to throwing!
    It only took about 100 throws of field work over several days to replace "pocketing". Applied this in completion without a hitch, extra distance, consistently.

  9. Honestly the most descriptive and informative description of proper backhand form. Will probably rewatch this series 100 times over as I refine my form.

    One tiny question, on the widerail reachback style, wont this very quickly move the disc in a line thats no longer parallel to the body? Since you're slightly pulling it towards you, as the disc is slightly away from your body? I could be completely wrong but thats just what it feels like when I try it

  10. love this 5 part series, i would love to see more about nose angle, and accuracy , its been rainning here so i have yet to go out and try this, but have watched the series 2x now and been practicing in the living room. excited to finally get the hang of this as i have been "door hinging" the entire time.

  11. It is so helpful to think about the weight on the feet. I haven't run into this explanation (or did and tuned it out). Excellent. It certainly helps overall with getting the same distance with less effort. Personally, I seem to fade in and out of doing these things properly, but I'm hoping that keeping these things in mind will help keep me more consistently doing them right.

  12. Great content. Good balance of theory and practical drills to help capture the feel of what we're trying to accomplish. The order of your sequence is excellent. Unfortunately,
    when I started, I was taught to pull through the pocket with my arm and then later I was supposed to figure out how to engage the hips. This sequence makes so much more sense to me.

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