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4 crazy par-saving shots (throw over it!) | Disc Golf Basics


Hey guys!
In this video Johannes is showing me the grenade, thumber, tomahawk and the spike hyzer. We then try them out in real life course similated situations to see how well they will work for me. Before this video I had only tried the spike hyzer :).

Hope you´ll enjoy the video ❤🤘

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A bit about me if you´re wondering:
I started at Latitude 64° a bit over a year ago and been trying to learn the sport of disc golf and making videos of that process from that day onwards. Before that I hadn´t even heard of disc golf. So it´s been a really great and fun experience so far (still feel I have a lot to learn, tho) watching and learning from the people around me at work and the great tips from all of you guys. Thank you for that!

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Date: July 6, 2022

43 thoughts on “4 crazy par-saving shots (throw over it!) | Disc Golf Basics

  1. For all of these shots the usual choice is an overstable driver. I am no expert on tomahawks and thumbers as I almost never throw these shots. With that said: For me personally I always use an overstable fast driver for spike hyzers. For a grenade I use an overstable disc when I want it to go as straight as possible. When I want a grenade to move a bit to the left in the air (I'm right handed) I go with a neutral midrange or putter. My best advice however would be to try out the different shots with different discs and see what works for you. / Johannes

  2. Tomahawk is for short shots when you have no space to get the spike hyzer line. A tomahawk shot can be released nearly vertical with the least arm swing. It is a useful get out of jail shot when you have to get over obstacles without a line for a hyzer shot.

  3. I play a lot of woods golf, and I use tomahawks/thumbers more than the others. I don't use them to get over trees though; putting that much height under them is uncomfortable. i use them for hitting higher gaps while scrambling, or tracing specific flight paths. If I'm going over something very high I'll probably go with a spike hyzer or grenade. Sometimes I find myself in a fortress of bushes and the only way back to the fairway is a small gap 15' or 20' above me. Tomahawks are perfect for that situation.

  4. hei. great content…. but for us newbies, it would be a lot of help with some info on the discs you are using,,, like some info in the lower corner….name and 5 5 01 for.ex…

  5. forehand spike hyzers are a thing you can do. As a forearm only player, it feels much more natural than a tomahawk. Feels like a golf swing, you lean forward a bit and throw to your lead shoulder with a super late release. Doesn't work when you're right up next to some tall trees but it gives you good height with some decent distance. If you have enough space you can turn it into a hyzer flip with the right disc and angle.

  6. I really enjoyed these different shots in this video. Thank you! I was hoping for an in depth video on using your back arm with backhand shots. Is it more of a shoulder shrug with controlled shots and is it more of a punch towards the inner thigh on longer shots?

  7. You have amazing videos for beginners, but I'm sorry this is the weakest one. I feel like I want to see how a proffesional dose those throws first, and only then a beginner, so I can compare those throws. You can't throw a disc and then value the throw by yourself, it is not objecvtie. And what's up with this random evaluation? All in all, I like all your videos, except this one.

  8. I love throwing all four of those shots – The tomahawk angle should be similar to throwing a baseball from the outfield. If done properly (always stretch) you can easily get 250+ from the throw.

  9. Hey guys, let's discuss "spin/snap/centrifugal forces…" I feel its something that gets missed a lot.
    Maybe some disc selection stuff to go with it ?

  10. I played my first ever round of disc golf 4 days ago, I loved it! I immediately went home and straight to YouTube. After finding your channel and binging the disc golf basics playlist, I was able to shave 9 strokes off my game on my second go around today! I absolutely love what Jonathan and everyone else is doing with this channel. Thankyou guys for the amazing content :).


  11. Lika intressant när ni talar om nya saker. Jag har ett riktigt problem som många har försökt förklara för mig som spelat många år. Upp och nedförsbackar. Ett 120 meters som det lutar 10% graders vinkel nedåt. Gissar om vinden suger tag i disken. Även att jag lärt mig att kasta putter ned för backen i samma vinkel som det lutar. Skulle det vara intressant se hur ni angriper problemet. "sök" på detta topic så hur få video det finns på områdat.

  12. I have a tilt for the express purpose of literally getting out of the woods. A spikehyzer is a grenade but without the pain too. The other shots are.. Interesting. Esp the tomahawk.

    Thankfully I got it at msrp, the prices are ridicolous.

  13. What is your actual position at Latitude 64 Jonathan? Whatever it is, pretty sure you need a raise for all the positive impact you are having on the sport of Disc Golf. Thank you so much, you are a true ambassador.

  14. I assume its Jonathan editing these videos? Your timing and sequencing is SO GOOD (in the edit, I mean.. discgolf form, eh, up for debate 😉 )
    Love all your videos, please keep doing them 😀

  15. Can you make a video about how the wind will effect discs, Headwind, tailwind, crosswind? I remember sometimes headwind = US flight, tailwind = more OS, crosswind = confusion
    I think that would be very entertaining!

  16. I want to see more on rollers. Why do the discs go in the same pattern as when they fly? And how can you make a roller accurate? What discs are better and why?

    Also I'd like to see yaboy Per from DGV actually throw discs. Maybe you can get him as a guest.

  17. I e been disc golfing for about two months, at first I found chasing the discs EVERYWHERE was great exercise. I wanted to throw better so I started watching you guys and I have learned a lot, while being entertained. I have to say, I like your accents very close to my German relatives accents makes me miss them but reminds me of them at the same time.

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