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2022 USWDGC | R1F9 | King, Mandujano, Mertsch, Ricciotti | Jomez Disc Golf


Thank you for watching JomezPro Disc Golf tournament coverage of the feature card first round at the 2022 USWDGC.

Card: Hailey King, Valerie Mandujano, Kat Mertsch, Cynthia Ricciotti
Course: Vallarta Ast DGC | Madison, Wisconsin
Commentary: Paige Pierce, Kona Panis

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Front 9 Chapters
00:00 Start
04:10 HOLE 1
07:52 HOLE 2
11:13 HOLE 3
14:17 HOLE 4
17:08 HOLE 5
21:30 HOLE 6
23:44 HOLE 7
26:38 HOLE 8
29:26 HOLE 9

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Date: July 1, 2022

47 thoughts on “2022 USWDGC | R1F9 | King, Mandujano, Mertsch, Ricciotti | Jomez Disc Golf

  1. We apologize for all of the YouTube bugginess with these videos (audio, 360p, no stream). At this point it is beyond our control aside from reuploading but we hope things will go back to normal here soon. If you continue to experience issues please reply to this comment with your issue AND your device so we can troubleshoot on our side. Thank you for watching and for your patience!

  2. Carol Quinn is doing great things in Maryland and Virginia. She is an absolute force and doing great things for our local club at Druid Hill Disc Golf Club and for the community at large. Hit her up! We’ve got a Throw Pink event in a couple weeks.

  3. You guys did it right by having Paige put the blast out for a few weeks prior to this event. I don't normally watch FPO coverage, but the media blitz was definitely compelling for me. Food for future thought, advertising works.

  4. Having done so much FPO and womens coverage ourselves, it’s amazing and exciting to see these women being covered by Jomez. As always simply incredible coverage by the best crew in the sport!

  5. I nominate Jen Trombley! She runs Grit & Grace ladies dgc in Ann Arbor MI. She's constantly working to create a space for women to play and grow, and is always working to bring more women into this great sport!

  6. I don't think the FPO gets enough praise and recognition considering all the talent in the field. Been loving the GK Pro coverage so far but excited to watch this tournament's coverage on this channel!

  7. Excited for Jomez to cover USWDGC. I did not grow up watching sports. Therefore I find live coverage annoying and really just want to see a post produced version. Haven’t seen much of the women’s because every time I try and watch it live or by somebody other than Jomez I make it till about the 14th “death putt” description and turn it off. Don’t know if they can pull off BigSexyBuri but I’m excited to find out.

  8. I nominate Jen Trombley! She runs Grit and Grace Ladies Disc Golf Club in Ann Arbor, MI. The league is dedicated to making disc golf accessible and comfortable for all ladies! She bleeds love for women's disc golf!

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