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2022 Texas States Disc Golfing Championship | RD2 B9 | Pierce, Allen, Tattar, Gannon


2022 Texas State Disc Golf Championships presented by Latitude 64
2022 DGPT Stop # 3
Round 2 – B9 – FPO FEATURE
The Thorn DGC
Tyler, Texas

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Commentary Team
Madison Walker & Holly Finley

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Paige Pierce
Catrina Allen
Kristin Tattar
Missy Gannon

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Date: July 14, 2022

23 thoughts on “2022 Texas States Disc Golfing Championship | RD2 B9 | Pierce, Allen, Tattar, Gannon

  1. I'm a guy an love watching the FPO, my wife enjoys it too.

    While big bombs are cool, the shot shaping is even cooler. Plus many of the ladies can far out throw me.

    The commentary is also great. It adds to the awesomeness of the FPO rounds.

  2. Love how GK Pro team brings up the stats of the hole, saying how many have birdied this hole ahead of time when it's a super easy or super hard hole. Same with the field updates showing how the card is standing compared to the pack. Jomez treats that as a spoiler, but I like this style better.

    Also heard some commentary about professionalism and formality. Honestly it's great how this is a competitive sport, but the athletes and the commentators support each other. Give me Two Hot Geese anyday over the arrogance of ESPN talking heads in a suit talking about twitter.

    Great coverage! One last thing, your last two playlists for events have been broken with missing videos and hidden videos. You'll get more views after the event if you patch those up. I prefer to watch these events after the fact in one large binge at work.

  3. I love that many in the FPO can bomb but I love more how surgical they are with each and every throw. I also say that the commaradarie between players is unlike most any other sport out there. This is evident on each and every episode. The high 5s after good shots. The genuine excitement of the announcers when those on the card do well and the empathy when things go bad. I am fairly new to watching, but have found the FPO division a breath of fresh air from typical sports. Pure athleticism with class, style and character. These are the athletes our children should be drawing their examples from. Keep it up FPO.

  4. Love hearing Holly let loose here. I know people complain about less formal commentary, but I think it really adds to experience. The best commentators in the big sports bring their own color and personality. Here for it to in disc golf.

    Me enjoyment of this round is directly correlated with the dude count. 🙌🏼

  5. Holly…I see you have answered some comments on here. Do you know why there isn't a Delaware challenge this year? I live an hour from Iron Hill and really wanted to come out and watch last year but couldn't. Now it's off the schedule this year. Do you know why?

  6. I love GK Pro but the early 2000’s phone hold music has got to change. It wasn’t bad at first but now that I’ve heard the same 8 bars about a trillion times over the past two years I can’t take it anymore 😬

  7. I am a male. I heard the commentary about men not watching the women because they don’t throw as fa. I DO NOT AGREE. I for one, HAVE NEVER EVER WATCHED THE MEN. That’s right. I love the women’s disc golf. I simply have ZERO interest in watching the men. It boring. Do not enjoy it at all. Women, don’t sell yourselves short. You are fantastic to watch play. I totally enjoy y’all. More that you apparently know.

  8. can someone enlighten me about Holly's two rule comments(one was in R1). 1. She says she sometimes question the legality of the footing when you look at jump putting in slow motion, and therefore people are starting to lean more towards step putts as opposed to jump putts? What does she mean? 2. She was talking about Paige's putt on hole 10 how what she did was legal because when the putt left her hand her foot was in the air, therefore her body wasn't out of bounds? Are you allowed to stand out of bounds with one foot as long as your whole body is in bounds while the shot is "active"? I'm fairly new to disc golf, but been nerding it hard for the past couple of months, but these 2 comments really threw me off.

  9. This has to be my favourite card, fantastic to watch them battle the course. Thanks GK Pro for the great coverage and the awesome commentary. God bless

  10. I am enjoying watching the FPO rounds. It is nice to see the camaraderie and amazing skill here. The commentators are also great . I would like to see more FPO coverage. Thank you.

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