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2022 Memorial Championship • R1 • F9 • Paul McBeth • Paul Ulibarri • Cale Leiviska • Drew Gibson


2022 Memorial Championship presented by Discraft
MPO Feature Card • Round 1 • Front 9
Featuring: Paul McBeth, Paul Ulibarri, Cale Leiviska, Drew Gibson
Commentary: Nate Perkins & The Disc Golf Guy
Cameras: Pastry Dyes
Edit: Gary to the Oh & The Disc Golf Guy
Location: Fountain Hills Disc Golf Course, Fountain Hills, Arizona
Date: Thursday, March 3th, 2022

Time for the Memorial Championship presented by Discraft. What more do you really need me to say here? I mean, STACKED card on a super fun track. Some would say, “Let's Go” but I'd politely ask you to “STAY” because this weekend is just getting started!

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Date: July 13, 2022

31 thoughts on “2022 Memorial Championship • R1 • F9 • Paul McBeth • Paul Ulibarri • Cale Leiviska • Drew Gibson

  1. You know the drill – like, share and subscribe. Also leave a comment as I'm giving away Double G Craft Jerky all weekend for all coverage AND I'll have some special Patreon only give aways as well!

  2. Is it just me (or my sound system) but does the commentary on thediscgolfguy videos always seem too quiet? I crank up my computer sound level and speaker knob all the way, and yet it still seems too quiet. Anyway, great stuff as always Terry- thanks AGAIN for doing this for us all!

  3. Stop takling about discs by brand and model! Its irrelevant for most (unless you know the stats of 2000 discs by name) and pointless free advertising. Say: he throwing a straight midrange or overstable driver or overpowering a putter. Thats relevant information! I love everything else about you and your team.

  4. Everytime I see the DD Jerky commercial, and Adam talk about this "long drives to the next tournament", I always imagine he is throwing a disc, not driving a car.

  5. How about Uli out there ripping some big ole drives right with McBeast and Drew! These guys all seem like they're just having a good time out there while the tear up what would probably be a challenging course for us mere mortals.

  6. The difference between the way Uli and Leviska tap in a putt is interesting. When Uli taps in it scares me because it looks like he’s going to fluff it into the ground

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