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10LBS OF SHRIMP SEAFOOD BOIL!!! at Crawfish Collapse Fullerton, CA #RainaisCrazy


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Date: June 30, 2022

49 thoughts on “10LBS OF SHRIMP SEAFOOD BOIL!!! at Crawfish Collapse Fullerton, CA #RainaisCrazy

  1. We have to sit here and watch you eat? Smacking sucking shrimp the whole video? This is very annoying. No wonder you do this by yourself. The shrimp looks great though. I don't know where put this food in a 90 pound frame but that ain't the norm. Do you starve yourself for days before you do this?

  2. Amazing how she can calmly do her thing with all that background noise!

    Pots banging! Slamming!
    Pots banging! Slamming!
    Pots banging! Slamming!


    30:20 Alien ship has landed! 😲

  3. Omg how do you eat so much lol ur so skinny, I eat 1 shrimp n potato and gain 10 lb lol πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈluv watching by the way πŸ₯°

  4. I'm 17 weeks and 5 days pregnant and I watch ur videos which I love but ur seafood boils have me wanting to go get a seafood boil from juicy crab in harrisburg PA. I love their seafood and are seasoned so well 😍😍

  5. At about 3 min anyone know what that pulled the shrimp from her am I blind or was my quality not high enough at that point. Love you Raina girl

  6. Raina I want you to know that I just love it when you talk to us while you are eating. I like to listen a to what you have to say. That Joel Hanson is not a good talker. Who wants to hear spicy, creamy, juicey, etc. etc. That is boring talk. With you it is different and it is all I can do to pause your video long enough to go to the bathroom. All I want to do is just watch you and hear what you have to say.

  7. I'm from Southeast Texas I live in Missouri now I miss all kinds of seafood. Just wanted to say you rock girl thanks for your videos I'm kind of laid up right now with a shoulder problem but I love watching your videos

  8. You killed it like a Champ !! You looked pretty Dazed and Confused near the end while eating the french fries !! I think you were almost in a Food Coma..LOL. I would definitely kill that pile of shrimp for sure too. Yummy !!

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